Kiss Me Caitlin


This plot idea was found on the internet and suggested to me by someone who knows I write erotic fiction. It’s been bubbling at the back of my sub-conscious awhile, but I saw May’s delicious legs in stockings as the #MasturbationMonday prompt and the pieces fell into place.

There’s a 2nd part to this story, which I plan to link to #WickedWednesday. Please  read both, and check out what others are linking up to these wonderful memes.

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“Be off with you … useless lummox!”

Caitlin shoved another traveller off her doorstep then snatched up a broom, waving it at him with menace.

“And take your … pearls with you!” She snatched up the small wooden casket, pushing it into the stumbling man’s hands, before firmly planting hers on her hips. The scowl on her face showed she would broker no further flattery or persuasion.


The merchant turned on his heel and left, with as much dignity as he could muster. Caitlin’s neighbours were milling about enjoying the show. They delighted in the humiliation of a constant stream of male visitors who knocked at her door. News of her beauty and curvaceous body had spread to distant lands, however none of the suitors who came calling seemed equipped to handle a woman with strong opinions and fiery disposition.


Satisfied that her unwanted visitor had got the message, Caitlin flounced back into the house, letting the door bang behind her.  Shortly afterwards her tortoiseshell cat came swaying out of the shadows, tail held like a walking stick. It stalked proudly down the dusty track, moving warily past a huddle of villagers before veering into the long grass towards the woods. The cat was known to be an intrepid hunter; she was often seen bringing a rabbit or bird home to her mistress.

Giles went about his business thoughtfully. As blacksmith’s assistant he’d seen gentlemen of varying wealth and prosperity visiting Caitlin. They came bearing gifts to tempt and persuade her to accept their suit, but most were proud and shallow. They expected their material trappings to be enough to grab her interest. Giles harboured a suspicion that he’d have more success at winning her heart, but what did a poor man who slept in the straw with the horses have to offer a woman of beauty and property? 


Later that day he was passing Caitlin’s home. It had become a game to him to try to get a glimpse inside the property of this infamous female, to learn something about her that might give him an edge. He observed her laundry hung out to dry and his pulse quickened at the thought of those fine fabrics rubbing against her naked skin. He’d often imagined how milky white her body would be, those with red gold hair were usually pale like candle wax. He pictured curvaceous limbs and small upturned breasts tipped with rose coloured nipples.


His cock stirred in his breeches as he ruminated over her magical beauty, when from her open window he heard female exertions. He moved a little closer to hear more distinctly and was rewarded with sighs and groans which made his member throb more. He was delighted at the thought of a female unafraid to draw pleasure from her own body, all the more satisfying to couple with he imagined. 


Giles moved with stealth, not wanting to give away that he’d been eavesdropping. As he reached the front of the house he noticed freshly killed rabbits hanging from a hook. So, the cat was back from a successful hunting trip, he smiled to himself. Returning to the smithy, what he’d overheard stole his attention for the remainder of the day.

A week later Giles was covertly watching Caitlin sweep the front stoop of her house. He was entranced by the sway of hips and the spill of her breasts at the neckline of her dress as she bent to the task. She disappeared into the house for a while, then came out again with a bowlful of peas to shell. Once again his cock stirred to wooden attention when she hitched up skirts to hold the bowl between her knees. He saw the frills of her cotton petticoats contrast with vibrant orange and brown hoops of her stockings. They hugged the graceful curve of her calf before disappearing under her skirts, climbing higher up her legs. A stairway to heaven, he sighed.


The blacksmith called him back to task, ending his daydream. Next time he looked the porch was deserted but Catilin’s cat was on the prowl again. Giles made a chirping sound with his lips to coax the cat over. She stopped and gazed at him with large green eyes. She didn’t trust him, not yet. He thought of the meal his mother had given him, some bread and cheese wrapped in a cloth. Perhaps the cheese might appeal. Giles broke off a chunk and laid it on the ground, equidistant between him and the cat, then stepped back.

The cat sniffed delicately at the yellow chunk of cheese, then looked up at him. Giles didn’t move, but smiled and returned his gaze to the morcel. The feline nudged the cheese with her nose before nibbling at it. Finding it acceptable, she swallowed it. Giles realised he’d been holding his breath, but relaxed when the cat began delicately to lick her paws and rub her ears. With a final glance in his direction the cat stalked in the direction of the woods. 


So began their little routine, a courtship of sorts. The cat would walk past the smithy, towards the woods and Giles would feed her a tid-bit of food as she passed. He felt a strange pride the day the cat came close enough for him to scratch between her ears.  Soon she was weaving round his legs to rub her body sinuously against him before she began to hunt. Today she proudly brought him a limp mouse which she laid it at his feet.

Giles knew that this was a great compliment and took the mouse. He praised the cat highly, tickling her ears while rubbing under her chin. He wondered if he should try his hand at charming the cat’s mistress, or was that too bold a step? Only yesterday she had turfed a duke off her property, despite him promising her a life in a castle with servants and beautiful clothes.

“What does your mistress desire, Puss?” Giles murmured as he fussed the cat.

In reply the cat gazed at him steadily, with unblinking green eyes, before rolling on her back for her tummy to be tickled.

Giles rubbed gently, this was a new game they played. The cat caught his stroking hand in her amber and brown padded paws, just a hint of the claws within grazing his skin. He continued his gentle caresses until the cat relaxed and became boneless to his ministrations. It was an oddly satisfying exchange, Giles always felt at peace after showing some affection to the cat.


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15 thoughts on “Kiss Me Caitlin”

  1. Ooh, I found this super intriguing! I have a suspicion of what will happen in the second part of the story, but I will definitely be back on Wednesday to read it and find out.

  2. Ahhh Posy, what a wonderful world you weave – so evocative and I could see every move x x
    this is one of my favourite lines ever: ‘when from her open window he heard female exertions.’
    SO SO GOOD!!!

    1. Thanks Tabitha, delighted you liked it. I see it in my head as I write it. Glad that phrase struck a chord, I was trying to couch it in ‘folkelore’ terms.

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