Mirror Message ~ Mental Health

I wish could tie you up in my shoes
Make you feel unpretty too
I was told I was beautiful
But what does that mean to you
Look into the mirror who’s inside there
The one with the long hair
Same old me again today (yeah)
My outsides look cool
My insides are blue
Every time I think I’m through
It’s because of you
I’ve tried different ways
But it’s all the same

These lyrics are clipped from the song “Unpretty” written & performed by TLC.

I heard them in my car yesterday and it got me thinking about the damage done to a person’s self-esteem by careless comments from someone they love, whose opinion they value.

Worse still is if that someone is deliberately pulling a person down, gaslighting them to use the current term.

We all need to be mindful of how we say things to one another, what we praise and commend versus what we critique or suggest can be improved. It’s not always possible to tell a person’s mood/mindset and we could be tearing down their confidence or stoking their self-hatred.

I chose this image giving it silvery spackles and a vintage frame reminiscent of an old mirror – distorted even. Its message is that we don’t always see ourselves clearly.

We need to love ourselves, be gentle and generous to our self-esteem so we can strengthen our mental health.

The #SinfulSunday meme boosts my own body confidence, as we are all ‘real’, not overly edited and the comments left are generally encouraging and kind, finding something good in every image.

This post was inspired by #WorldMentalHealthDay & linked to sb4MH

Sinful Sunday lips

35 thoughts on “Mirror Message ~ Mental Health”

  1. What a lovely post. I really like your sentiment and the image you have used it stunning. Very sexy and I am glad your own body image is boosted from sharing your pictures. ?

  2. nicely put lovely photo
    and so right about the words we use goes back to my parents teaching of if You don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing
    You have a sweet sexy bottom

    1. Thanks sindee, too many times people blurt when they should think before they speak. Thanks for the ‘bottom’ compliment xoxo

    1. Thank you, yes their song/video says so much more than I could. Thanks for your kind words, I was pleased how the pictured turned out.

  3. Such wise words Posy. I don’t post on Sinful Sunday much but I feel the love when I do! As you say it is such a fab meme for boosting body confidence.

  4. No we don’t always see the internal anguish of someone else. Especially if they’ve learned to create an impenetrable shell to hide it from the world.

    Good words and a fab image.

    melody xx

  5. I completely agree with you Posy. It reminds me years ago of when I lost a lot weight and my ex told me I was boney even though he knew how happy I was to have lost weight he had to twist it into a negative. It was really quite cruel


    Ps… I love this picture and the fabulous edit. Where did you get those fabulous pants?

    1. Darling girl, I am glad it touched you, but sorry because I suspect it means you have been a victim of undermining remarks. Protect your ‘spark’ and always value yourself. Thanks for your compliments.

  6. Great image and great post too – please link it to sb4mh if u think it fits one week – or even if it doesn’t.
    You are so right about words – the harm and the good that they can do x

  7. Thanks Molly, I’ve had friends and family who have had partners like that, it IS sick and cruel.
    You’re praise on the edit means a lot – it’s down to you and Michael that I’ve found the tools to edit my pictures! The knickers I am happy to say are Lovehoney’s own brand.

  8. Powerful words, Posy <3 This meme has helped me gain back back my lost confidence – it's so lovely to read it has done the same for others <3

    Also, I LOVE what you are wearing here…. Please post other angles, it looks like a stunning set xx

    1. I have to give most of the credit to TLC, but thank you! Your body is gorgeous, but that’s easy for an outsider to say. If we have undergone changes we may not like the results, so relaxing into liking ourselves again is the only way. Yep, the community comments on #SS pics does it for me!

      I will post more, OH took plenty. The top is 15 years old! (New Look) and the knickers are from Lovehoney’s range, bought last year.

  9. Lovely photo. I have not heard that song before. Those lyrics are powerful.
    One reason why I seldom comment on posts is that I am always afraid that the person will not take my comment in the way I had intended. I try to limit what I say because I don’t want to hurt feelings but sometimes my mouth gets the better of me. I do love those knickers. And thanks for linking up to SB4MH 🙂

    1. Thanks – I’m glad I introduced you to that song, it is indeed powerful. Comments can be a minefield, I agree but I like what you’ve said here and I’m not too easily offended. xx

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