September #SoSS & Review of Clockwork Butterfly


If you follow me, you’ll know that my regular pattern is to create an #SoSS post every Saturday, then 1 Saturday a month share an interview with a blogger.

Unfortunately events in my private life have halted this pattern, but my recommendations from the reading I’ve managed for the month of September. are set out here,. This time I’ll wrap up with a review of a book written by a fabulous blogger – Miss Tabitha Rayne.



Steve’s poignant poem about having ruthless clear out 


Lucy’s crawling image is super sexy 


Jupiter’s bratty sub gets what’s coming to her 


My goodness, Eve shows us Alice knows how to get what she needs 


It seems jealousy can become quite an aphrodisiac  according to Asrai.


Alie’s lovely subby adventure really puts one in the room  


Ria’s lovers banter with great one liners, building sexual tension 


Dr J’s tale with a twist of kilt really hit my sweet spot 




May calls this fabulous shot Desk Porn! 


But when May entertains the more serious topic of Breast Cancer, I was moved to tears for her bravery in supporting her friend, as much as for the battle Shirley put up.


Tabitha in a T-shirt redefines hot


Edward weaves quite a tale of domination and sissification 


Spy on Little Gem waiting for her bath, she looks delectable 


I can’t get enough of slave sindee’s candy-floss hued stockings 


Spend your summer days at the Lido with Livvy 


Sweetgirl’s advice for someone trying to help a person who is struggling with mental health issues 


Steeled Snake Charmer allows a glimpse inside her ‘attic’, describing how Snake chases the ‘spiders’ away 


Both missy’s image and  snippet of story relate to illicit goings on behind a tantalising closed door

May’s stunning desk porn image planted the seed of an idea for my own photo entitled ‘Taking Notes’, which I shared on Twitter this week:


Tabitha Rayne has quite a pedigree of erotic fiction (I’ve previously enjoyed this BDSM tale in the setting of highland games). This ‘Brit Babe’ pens a fabulous blog which I recommend you follow ; she’s invented sex toys you should try [Ruby Glow : Rocks Off]. Tabitha is editor for FrolicMe magazine and a force to be reckoned with in the erotic writing community.


The Clockwork Butterfly – Tabitha Rayne


The dystopian setting of this trilogy finds us in a time when men are a rarity and harvesting sperm for use in fertilisation is a skilled task for which only select girls are trained.

We meet our heroine Lena Lee when she’s full of innocence. Her new role and the importance of her pheromones is surrounded in secrecy. Soon she’s under the spell of a fellow ‘harvester’, their furtive liaisons make for electric erotic couplings.

Lena also makes a deep connection with Angelo, despite it being forbidden for harvesting girls to get emotionally involved with males with whom they interact. Banishment and punishment looms, separating Lena from everyone and everything for which she has trained. Hope dwindles, or does a spark remain in Angelo’s clockwork butterfly?

Lena could hear Mae still puttering about in the bathroom and humming to herself.  Lena was suddenly buzzing with energy and the strange excitement that began in the pit of her stomach started up again. Holding her breath until her heart thundered in her ears, she clenched her fists tight around her sheets.

Finally Mae came out of the bathroom and threw something on the floor … Lena almost squealed when she realised it was Mae’s underwear. Lena stared at the smooth glossy skin bathed in the luminous beams. Does she know I’m watching?

I loved this book. Honestly my whole reading experience was like being edged, in the most delicious way! Tabitha’s command of language and her understanding of what makes a sexy read is beyond compare.

I’ve reviewed book 1 of her Clockwork Butterfly trilogy, available from Amazon.

10 thoughts on “September #SoSS & Review of Clockwork Butterfly”

  1. Oh my goodness Posy, I don’t know how you do it all!
    You’re such an incredible supporter of the erotica world, it is so appreciated, and your own sexy writing is truly some of my absolute favourite. So honoured that you’ve reviewed my book here, thank you so much x x x

    1. Praise where it’s due Tabitha. Reading your book helped distract me from some tough times recently – and distract it did!
      I love to support others, I get a rush seeing people I’ve encouraged do well. I am so proud that you enjoy my erotic writing, thank-you, truly xx

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