Good Girl Bunny


Submitted for and inspired by Friday Flash No.69

[3.8 minute read]

She’s my good girl. Tries hard to please and follow my rules. In our D/s my Bunny requires guidance, her life needs order which I provide. She must eat healthily, exercise and continue her studies.

I love to dress her: I indulge in buying items on-line. Once a week is dress-up night. We enjoy choosing her outfit and the role-play which results. I’ve noticed clothes affect the type of submissive persona she assumes: long socks and frill-backed knickers induce a saucy ‘pubescent girl’, with latex or pvc she’s more feisty, trying to top from the bottom.


I’m curious what tonight’s leather body harness will bring. It’s new, a surprise, like the twist I’ve planned. I set a blindfold beside a stool. In 5 minutes she’ll arrive and ready herself for me.


The front door unlocks and I detect soft sounds of her removing outdoor clothes and shoes to stow neatly in the cupboard. She waits for me, naked and obedient. Descending the stairs, my cock stirs at the beautiful sight of Bunny kneeling, legs parted and head bowed.

“Good evening.”
“Good evening Sir.”
Unzipping my flies I lift her chin.

“May I pleasure you Sir?”
I release my cock and give permission. She licks and laps delicately, increasing my hardness. My lust unfurls in the warmth of her mouth.
“Enough,” I command, reining in my urges as much as hers. “Bedroom”.


She moves obediently upstairs, her backside sways as she crawls. She sits on the stool for me to fasten the blindfold.

“Who does this belong to?” I ask, cupping her breast.

“You Sir.” 

We both smile. 

As I use a Sharpie pen to label it Sir’s Tit she giggles and almost pulls away.

“Uh-uh! how should I punish this when you misbehave?” I tug the other by its nipple.
“Clamp it?” she guesses.

“Quite right,” I affirm annotating Clamp near her areola.


“What does this need?” I ask, stroking her cheek.

“A facial?” she sounds more sure.

“Of course,” I write Cum Slut on the flat of her chest, where later my emissions will dribble.


“This?” I touch her buttock.

“Spank it,” she’s enthusiastic, loving to be paddled. Spank labels one cheek, Rim Me the other, near her cleft. 

“Lean back,” I instruct. As I write Fuck Hard above the folds of her labia I inhale her tangy arousal. She stands and I note Use All My Holes on her lower back before helping her into the intricate straps of the leather harness. She complies like a doll, my sex toy fuck puppet.


“Look,” I remove the blindfold, turning her towards the mirror. 


I watch excitement and trepidation play over her features as she takes in the labels. The garment’s a web of straps framing each sexual zone. Turning to view herself from all angles, Bunny has become my playground for punishment and teasing. Our agenda is written clearly on her skin in black ink.


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If this was too short to get you off, then try a longer story which is based on my real experience: But Words Can Never Hurt Me



  • it is written so be it
    love to see the writings

  • I bloody love this Posy! – Just well done – short sharp and hot! not to mention great dialogue x

    • Lovely May! You are always so encouraging of my work – thank you xx

  • Fantastic ? Love this, Posy!

  • This was a very interesting story, well done, Posy, so believable, which made it right.

    • What heartening feedback Elliott – thanks x

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