I’ve always wanted to wear something made of latex.

It started as a lark. We were visiting Brighton, I wanted to browse the sex shops.

The hotel treated us to Prosecco on checking into our room – it was my beloved’s birthday and we were celebrating. I felt invincible, intrepid, determined to look at everything while I had the chance.

In the first shop (Fetish) I spotted a red latex halterneck top, but didn’t try it on. Instead I treated myself/us to a new, sterner paddle.

Next we explored Taboo, the more ‘serious’ adult shop, browsing the books, the sex toys. Then wow, I discovered a fabulous rail of sexy lingerie!

OH settled into a velvet armchair to wait as I tried on white sexy knickers with a frilled backside, then the red latex halterneck in my size – but no, neither looked right on me.

“Try something else,” he urged, fetching me a latex corset in my favourite colour – purple!

I really shouldn’t, I glimpsed its price tag as I shimmied into it. My heart melted at its suspenders, the way it hugged my breasts, enhanced my cleavage. Moulding me, it smoothed my stomach, winning me over.

“What do you think?” I swooshed the curtain back to show my OH and his chin nearly hit the floor.

“Wow!” – bless him for saying it, then he called the salesperson over, asking her advice if it was a good fit. She was very positive, admiring.

I wanted it, even though it was extravagant. I questioned myself, where would I wear it? The bedroom? Without question. Eroticon? For sure. Yet I don’t go to munches or fetish clubs.

“For my birthday”  he said, and I was won over.


To add justification to my lingerie purchase, I’ve since found out that the latex and the garment was made in the UK, so I’m supporting a small British business, Yay!


For fabulous, expert customer service and a great selection of adult themed toys, books and lingerie, visit @TabooBrighton  and their fun ‘sibling’ shop @LustBrighton.

For a luxurious room in a friendly boutique hotel within easy reach of the Brighton bars and restaurants visit @RedBrightonBlue – and definitely try their breakfasts!

For more hits of beautiful people wearing lingerie  click the link #LingerieIsForEveryone

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  1. Alun


    Love it. Looks great on you. I only ever bought one latex dress for my partner. A vivid red one with a nice big hole at the rear. May it bring you hours of pleasure.

  2. Reply

    Brighton is not my favourite place. But next time I’m there I’ll make sure I have time to investigate some of these places.

    Looks pretty damned good to me xx

    • p0sy


      Ahh, not everyone has the same taste but we found it fun and relaxing and we cant wait to get back! Thanks for that!

  3. Reply

    You look scorching hot Posy! I’m glad you had such a successful time in Brighton. I became excited at the mention of a ‘new sterner paddle’. xx

    • p0sy


      Oh Pons, you’re very generous with your praise! We had a hoot thank you, and the sterner paddle is both pretty and … spanky!

    • p0sy


      I’ll admit Jupie, it was quite a giddy evening post-purchase! Thanks for your lovely comments xx

  4. slave sindee


    looks perfect on You such a great BD gift for him YOU in Purple Latex
    Looks lovely on You
    Enjoy life

  5. Reply

    Welcome to the world of rubber!!!
    Oddly the photo makes the outfit look like satin to me, which, as a big fan of latex, I find a little disappointing. That said, you still look fabulous in it.
    I recommend another couple of presents for your OH – some polish and a buffing cloth. Just make sure he shines the corset when you’re wearing it. ?
    You don’t need to go to fetish events to wear rubber – it’s easily hidden under day clothes: today is the third consecutive day I’ve worn latex (including to a group event populated exclusively by school mums… and me) and no one knows. Not even my Wife.

    • p0sy


      Wow – you are a true fan of rubber, and as a newbie I’m hugely flattered by your compliment (and noting down your tips!). I think the satin-y look is down to lack of photographic skills, weak lighting, I intend to rope OH in for better pics to share. I love the idea of wearing it under normal clothes, especially as it’s so flattering on my curves! Great advice, thanks for visiting and commenting. xx

  6. Reply

    You look absolutely amazing and wear latex VERY well! I love wearing latex kink clothing and have a number of pieces now. I don’t have a lot of opportunity to get to events but when we do it’s my latex I always reach for. It feels devine and you look devine here, stunning! I can recommend Vivishine products if that helps any for glossing and caring for your new rubber.

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  8. Reply

    I’m so pleased you’ve managed to indulge in latex. As others have said it’s not just for kinky times. You could dress the corset down to make it suitable for vanilla parties, or wear it under a dress for a sexy secret. (This is how I attend school church services. Though lessons learnt include avoiding secret rubber on hot days as it creaks and the scent can get quite potent)

    It does really look incredible on you. N x

    • p0sy


      Thank you! Yes I noticed how hot it got wearing it in autumn but with sun streaming through the window to take some pics! I do plan to give it some toned down vanilla outings – I love how it feels and squeezes everything in! Smashing feedback, glad you stopped by x

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