This poem is playful and feisty, I love a girl who feels able to say what she wants as a prelude to putting her intentions in action.

Jupiter Grant has written a whole book of poetry which I have been browsing recently and I’m impressed by her use of words and the varying tempos and styles she employs (haiku, free form, alouettes to name a few). I love ‘Lost in Your Head’ which seems to be a vivid, beautiful description of female self pleasure while ‘Sexty’ really made me chuckle.


Poerotica : 101 Saucy & Erotic Poems  by Jupiter Grant

You can buy yourself a copy using this Amazon link, but as a prelude, enjoy the one I chose, I thought it made a great accompaniment to the image.


You Tease!

Come on now you little tease,
I want to be the one who sees,
What hides behind. I beg you please.
Do you want me down on bended knees?
I’m so hot, my composure flees
While you’re immune to all my pleas.
May I give it a little squeeze?
I promise that I’m not a sleaze.
Just an avid admirer looking to appease
A fire that’s raging at 1,000 degrees.
You look so fine, make me wetter than the seas
And all I can think of are the birds and the bees.




In this photo I’m wearing socks not hold-ups or stockings, being only 5’4″ they come up pretty long on me!  I’ve teamed them with strappy black sandals which I was given on a photo shoot (It’s true – I modelled Christmas party dresses for a catalogue, but that’s a story for another day)



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  1. Reply

    I love socks like that, they’re cute and cosy, whilst being so, so sexy! Thank you so much for including my poem with your gorgeous image, and thank you for your lovely words about Poe-rotica ??

    • p0sy


      Thank you xoxo
      My secret is I don’t move about in them much! Not sure how well they would stay in place if I did, but I gather there is a silicone band you can add into stockings or socks to make them behave as hold-ups, I shall look out it’s name for you xx

  2. violet


    Very cute look! You could always add a garter belt to help them stay up …. or just wear them to lounge!

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