Summer the First Time

Well! I don’t want to build my reputation as a cougar, but for my last post in the #SeptemberSongProject I wanted to touch on something of a fantasy of mine.

I remember hearing this song in the 70s. We had a few baking hot summers in that decade so I can relate to the sun as a ‘demon’. I’ve said before that I enjoy lyrics which tell a story and Summer the First Time, by Bobby Goldsboro is a great example.

The songwriter uses the euphamism that the experience of sex will transition the 17 year old boy into a man, I dispute this in it’s purest form, but lyrics are like poetry and certain topics are discussed in a veiled way.

I think the boy’s bashful rapture and fascination with this sexy older woman is perfectly captured, as is the interplay between them. Her promise to gently teach him techniques to bring erotic pleasure is alluring and tastefully done.

I love this descriptive phrase:  sweat trickled down / the front of her gown /
And I thought it would melt her. It has me imagining the keen young man watching the droplet of sweat with lust as it travelled down the cleavage of the older woman.

Her drink – a mint julep (I’m assuming) – is very much associated with the deep south of America, an area where women’s roles have always been quite traditional, so her taking the lead role in this sexual encounter is striking in its opposition to the tradition.


It was a hot afternoon
The last day of June
And the sun was a demon
The clouds were afraid
One-ten in the shade
And the pavement was steaming

I told Billy Ray
In his red Chevrolet
I needed time for some thinking
I was just walking by
When I looked in her eye
And I swore, it was winking

She was 31 and I was 17
I knew nothing about love
She knew everything
But I sat down beside her
On her front porch swing
And wondered what the
Coming night would bring

The sun closed her eyes
As it climbed in the sky
And it started to swelter
The sweat trickled down the
Front of her gown
And I thought it would melt her

She threw back her hair
Like I wasn’t there
And she sipped on a julep
Her shoulders were bare
And I tried not to stare
When I looked at her two lips

And when she looked at me
I heard her softly say
I know you’re young
You don’t know what to do or say
But stay with me until
The sun has gone away
And I will chase the boy in you away

And then she smiled
Then we talked for a while
Then we walked for a mile to the sea
We sat on the sand
And a boy took her hand
But I saw the sun rise as a man

Ten years have gone by
Since I looked in her eye
But the memory lingers
I go back in my mind
To the very first time
And feel the touch of her fingers

It was a hot afternoon
The last day of June
And the sun was a demon
The clouds were afraid
One-ten in the shade
And the pavement was steaming

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I’ve written this series of stories inspired by a time in my past when I got together with a younger man, but he was not without experience, and slightly less aware that he could improve his skills!

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This two-part series is entirely fictional, my fictional female character is quite predatory in comparison with the woman in the song, but you may enjoy reading this:

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10 thoughts on “Summer the First Time”

  1. well done
    love that song not sure what i would call myself(64 cd sissy?) but i don’t think there is anythong wrong with being a cougar. love your blog and sexy mind

    1. Thank you Sindee, glad you approve of the iconic song I chose. I like the cougar concept /fantasy too. Thanks for reading & sharing.

  2. I would argue that cougaring *is* a tradition in the southeastern United States (known elsewhere as ‘the south’); the most…errr, clawed…women I’ve ever encountered are from south of the Mason-Dixon line. 😉

    Thanks for playing along with me this month, Posy! I’ve enjoyed your posts. 🙂

    1. Aha! That’s interesting. My info is gleaned from literary and film portrayal so yours is the definitive. ‘Clawed’ is a great description – women who know what they want and use all the tools to get it!
      I’ve loved playing along Mrs Fever, thanks for the support and the great meme, and Yay to everyone else who joined in – it’s been fun. xx

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