Top Turn Ons : Guest Post by Canadian Erotica

I am delighted to be sharing my first Guest Post from a writer I recently discovered on Twitter. @CanadianErotica and I have been chatting a lot with regard to creativity, kinks and memes. So here he is, sharing a story on my site and participating in #WickedWednesday for the first time!

Enjoy my Dark Darlings, and please leave CE encouraging comments to nurture his talent.

The Top Turn Ons Project : 1 Nudism

Welcome to the Top Turns-On Project. I came up with this project after several years of real struggles with writing. Although I had been able to write drabbles, and the cores of scenes, I was having difficulties expanding them into the fully fleshed out stories that I wanted. Inspired by Posy and other writers, I decided to create a series of short stories that are about me.


There will be about 20 installments in this series. They may be based on my experiences, or my fantasies, or some combination of both. I am definitely in all of them, and many of the other characters are directly based on people I know and have been with, or wish I had been with (with their permission). In all cases, names have been changed.

I very much hope you enjoy these stories.


I’d met Mary-Clair early in the first semester of my second year of university. We both sang in the university choir, and we chatted quite a bit at breaks. I’m not sure how it started- but online chatting became online flirting, and online talking about sex. Unfortunately, at the time, we weren’t talking about sex in person. I was living in south res with two upper year students, and she was living in Artz Haus, with a roommate herself so although we could hang out and watch movies and things, talking about sex, in person and out loud, was not something we were able to do.

We didn’t really cyber, that wasn’t what either of us were into. We loved sharing fantasies, sure, but mostly loved talking about sex and asking questions. Half way through the semester, Mary-Clair’s roommate moved out, so she had the room to herself. I knew she liked to go nude when she had privacy, it was something we talked about online, but somehow it just didn’t come up in person.

Things changed at the end of the semester, when my roommates informed me they would be moving out. I was overjoyed at this prospect, for several reasons. One, definitely was the privacy. Another was the amount of space. I was living in a suite set aside for residence assistants, or rather, a hall president. It comprised a luxurious amount of space- a single bedroom with a door to a corridor and staircase to the main hall, a double bedroom with a door directly to the outside, a kitchen, and its own bathroom. Unfortunately, I would be going home for Christmas before my roommates left, so I wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy it solo until the new semester.

I couldn’t help but tell Mary-Clair right away. Increasingly, nudity and being nude in my room (and her room) was something that we began to discuss. In fact, we talked about it every day. I don’t know why I resisted making the decision to try going nude. I had gone home myself, and I was absolutely thrilled with the idea of going nude, privately, but for some reason I couldn’t tell Mary-Clair. I wasn’t playing hard-to-get, I was just- despite our candidness about lots of other sexual things- unable to be honest with her, at that point.

Truth was, I loved knowing that Mary-Clair liked to go nude at home/in her room. Sometimes she’d tell me if she was.If she didn’t tell me, I tried to find sneaky ways of asking her if she was. I honestly don’t know if I was trying to hide my fascination from her, or from myself. We have since looked back on things in reflection, I questioned whether she knew that I was fascinated, turned on by it, and that I wanted to join her, before I told her. Completely unsurprisingly,she knew, and was frustrated by my inability to recognize or say it outright To tell her that I wanted to see her naked, for her to see me naked, and to be naked with her.

Mary-Clair was very patient with me, but she started piling up the pressure. As we got closer to going back to school, she turned up the heat. At one point, I told her I loved knowing she was naked,  she asked if I wanted her to tell me if she was, every time we talked (whether we were talking bout sex or not). Of course I did.. but she refused unless I would try going naked while my parents were out and I had the house to myself. Once I did that, she turned the pressure up again. 

She wouldn’t talk about sex or masturbation until I ventured out of my room to walk through the house naked, the next time I had the house to myself. She knew exactly what buttons to push to get me to do things, to admit things. Never unsafely, never in a way that would embarrass me- but encouraging me to be more comfortable with things. She later admitted this was to even things out in our relationship, so I talked about myself, telling her things as much as she was telling me. Turns out Mary_Clair liked knowing if I was naked, too.

Mary-Clair turned up the pressure again the day before I moved back to campus for second semester.. My parents planned to drive me up on Sunday after church, and help me load things in, so on Saturday I had their house to myself, ostensibly to pack (although, I got distracted, talking to Mary-Clair). I was lying nude on my bed, lightly stroking my cock as we chatted. We were talking about her moving-in (as she had all of her residence hall to herself). She told me she had teased herself by leaving her room, to walk through all the residence floors naked. I was very much turned on by this, and for the first time I told her bluntly that I wished that I could be there, because I’d love to join in.

She asked why, what did I think that we’d do together. At that point, she sent me a photo of herself, sitting on her backwards chair in her roof. It was clear she was nude, the top half of her breasts showed over the back of the chair.

 I can still clearly remember I copied and saved that conversation (with her permission) keeping it in a word document for years. To be honest though, I don’t need to refer to the document, I remember what I said very clearly. I loved the idea of me going from my room, wearing just a winter coat with sweatpants and boots. I thought about her meeting me at the front door of the residence, naked except for heels, where I’d strip off my coat and sweatpants in the front hall. (Naively, I didn’t think about their being video or anything). 

I told her I absolutely loved the idea of wandering naked around the res hall with her. Of showering together in the big shower stalls, or watching porn on TV in the student lounge . I described how much I wanted to hang out in her room when she was her naked, just being naked around her. Talking about sex, relaxing, whatever.

This was much, much further than we’d ever gone before- as I mentioned we never cybered,. We talked about things we did and didn’t like, we talked about how we had sex (in particular, places that we masturbated and that kind of thing). This was definitely the first time that we had, or I had, specifically mentioned us doing nudism together. Even then, I couldn’t tell her about some of the things I’d thought about us doing, like oral sex, or using toys together. I did tell her eventually, but that’s another story.

There was a long pause- what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only 30seconds. This was prior to Facebook indicating whether the other person had seen your message, or not. I definitely panicked, thinking that I had gone too far. I apologized for being so blunt. Multiple times, I apologized.

A few seconds later, Mary Clair responded, and ignored the panic. She said that she enjoyed hearing the things I was thinking about. I said I was glad too, because I very much enjoyed telling her. She elaborated on the things she had been thinking about too.

This is where she turned the pressure up. I asked her if she wanted to hang out the next day, once I’d moved in and had my room to myself. After all, we couldn’t hang out in Artz Haus and do the things we talked about, not with so many others moving in. But, since I had a suite of rooms to myself, we could have some of the same kind of movement, freedom and privacy at my place. She said sure. I was so pleased. I asked her if she’d come over just wearing her winter coat and boots.. She said sure again.. but only if I promised to be nude when she got there, remaining nude the entire time she was over (unless we agreed to put on other things).I froze, and changed the subject. I was absolutely scared of the possibility.

That’s when my parents got home. I had to scramble to get dressed, not to mention actually packing to move the next day. This was before I got a cell phone so I didn’t have time to go on messenger later that day to say yes, and apologize for panicking.

I was a bundle of nerves the next day, I couldn’t wait for my parents to leave. I have no idea how they interpreted my anxiety, but they were used to me being socially awkward. Luckily, they had something to get to, so as soon as I got my things out of the car and into my room, they headed off. 

Unsurprisingly, the first thing I did was set up my computer. The University’s process for connecting to the internet was an utter pain that often took 20 or 30 minutes, but that day it felt like it was taking hours even though I know it wasn’t. I could have called Mary-Clair’s room, but I chickened out. I passed the time putting my clothes away, reorganizing the double beds in the other room so that they were together, and generally fussing. Every few minutes I returned to my computer, hit refresh to see if it could connect.

After I put my food in the fridge and cupboards, finally it did connect. First thing I did was pull up messenger. Was she online? Yes, she was. I had such nerves, that almost manic feeling again. I needed to be cool, I needed to apologize. “Hey, how are you?” I said.

She was never fooled. “So, do we have a deal, or not?” To be clear, this wasn’t an ultimatum, it was just.. pushing me. I definitely needed to be pushed.

I said yes, of course. I told her that I was already naked, and that she could come over whenever she wanted. She said she had to finish a few things, but she’d be leaving momentarily. I asked her again if she was naked, but she didn’t respond.

I wasn’t naked yet, to be honest. I had thought about it, as soon as my parents left, but had put it aside. Mary Clair’s residence hall was about ten minutes walk from mine. I didn’t have much longer to go through with it. What If she showed up, and I wasn’t naked? I.. knew she wouldn’t leave? I knew it wouldn’t be the end of our friendship, but I knew instinctively that this was a test, or a precipice, and that if I veered away from it a major opportunity would be lost.

I got up almost explosively (in fact, I remember I knocked my desk chair over).Once I picked up the chair, I went into my odd little triangular walk-in closet. I kicked off my jeans, into the little basket I had, and my t-shirt and boxers made a little pile in the corner. I left, closed the door behind me. IT was one of those odd moments- Mary Clair still hadn’t responded to me- so I had no idea if she had left yet, or not. I couldn’t sit down in my chair and do things, I couldn’t lie in my bed and read and not think about it,. So I paced around the room for a few minutes before settling back down at my desk, and plugging in the second monitor for my computer which I was still fiddling with when Mary Clair knocked on the door.Somehow in my fidgeting, I had forgotten to unlock the door for her, so she could just come in. I loved the idea that she could, just come straight into my room and get naked, if she wanted to. I loved thinking she might be comfortable enough to do that.

She wasn’t wearing a long fur coat.. but she a long winter coat, which came down to the top of her boots, and a toque. I was grinning. 

“I’m glad you can follow instructions. I was worried that you would totally chicken out. But can I come in?”

I was standing in the threshold of the door because I was so eager to see her I hadn’t actually stepped back to let her in. I did so, and she came in. I wish I’d had the thought to flirt “may I take your coat?” but I couldn’t say anything. She put her coataside, and she was naked, except for her boots. Just like I’d hoped, and imagined.

We hugged for a while. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this”.

“We’ve not done anything yet, this is just the start”.

It was definitely a start. From there, she continued to encourage me- not just about being a nudist, but many aspects of my sexuality. I look forward to sharing some of those stories in further posts


This piece is submitted for #WickedWednesday – this week the prompt is frigid, which is what the temperature was when our intrepid writer tried out nudism with his friend. Click the link to see who else is participating.

The image is courtesy of Pixabay.


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