These lyrics are from You Know Just What I Like by Charli XCX – a British artist

(track #9 on her album True Romance)


You call me up at six, 
come 'round, undressing in my house again
Your t-shirt's on the floor, 
yeah we're undressing in my house again
You know just what I like

I chose them because they made me think/feel this:

“Uh – yeah, I just got well and truly laid and …

I still want to feel close to him.

Maybe if I look cute enough,

he’ll drag his T-shirt off me and we can go round again.”



I am wearing a guy’s t-shirt and panties, with what I hope is post-sex nonchalance. The image on the t-shirt is very 80’s – kinda Blondie inspired, with her big mirror sunglasses and cityscape background.

Thanks to @DeviantSuccubus & @oh_tom_starling for getting me thinking about this style of image.


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    • p0sy


      Are we Tabitha, I must take a look! (great minds and all that!) You’re very generous, I bet you are looking Hot yourself! xx

    • p0sy


      Thanks May – one of those times the idea I had in my head got close to what I captured in the picture.

    • p0sy


      Thanks K – if it isn’t let’s make it so!
      I’ve decided grainy photos and candle-lit rooms are the way forward!

  1. Reply

    I love the vibe I get from this image, it’s little relaxed with the t shirt and a bit cheeky with the way you’re pulling your underwear.

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