You Know Just What I Like

These lyrics are from You Know Just What I Like by Charli XCX – a British artist

(track #9 on her album True Romance)


You call me up at six, 
come 'round, undressing in my house again
Your t-shirt's on the floor, 
yeah we're undressing in my house again
You know just what I like

I chose them because they made me think/feel this:

“Uh – yeah, I just got well and truly laid and …

I still want to feel close to him.

Maybe if I look cute enough,

he’ll drag his T-shirt off me and we can go round again.”



I am wearing a guy’s t-shirt and panties, with what I hope is post-sex nonchalance. The image on the t-shirt is very 80’s – kinda Blondie inspired, with her big mirror sunglasses and cityscape background.

Thanks to @DeviantSuccubus & @oh_tom_starling for getting me thinking about this style of image.


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29 thoughts on “You Know Just What I Like”

  1. Hi Posy. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure whether you have a ‘contact me’ form anywhere on your blog (I couldn’t find one, but sometimes I’m totally blind to what’s right in front of me!) so I’m using your comments section on one of your Song Project posts from last year to let you know…

    It’s on again!

    The ENCORE! edition of the September Song Project starts tomorrow. πŸ™‚

    See here if you’re interested:

    1. Thanks Mrs F – very glad you clued me up. As I’m often inspired by song lyrics or titles, I’m sure I’ll be able to link up a few posts. This is always a meme I enjoy.

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