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It’s been pretty easy to join in with the #September Song Project because I am very influenced by music, but for f4tF let me explain how music influences my life.

When I was young music was just patterns of noise and harmonies, the first single I owned was Congratulations by Cliff Richard. There was glam rock coming out of my older siblings’ bedrooms which I liked, soon I got my own little transister radio  which I took everywhere with me.

I’ve always been drawn to songs which tell a story – I recently wrote about one which influenced me : Angie Baby. In the 70s there were a lot which had a narrative, I liked them better than the ones with more chorus than verse.

In the 80s I was a teenager so music influenced the way I dressed and the boys I liked. I went from liking rhythmic ska music (The Specials, The Beat, Madness, The Selecter) and their ‘rude girl’ look (quite unisex) to admiring the glamorous new romantic groups. Their music and fashions were flamboyant, the men were androgynous, wearing make-up and theatrical clothes. I identified with females such as the girls in the Human League, Banarama, Claire Grogan while lusting after guys from Adam and the Ants, Japan, Duran Duran.

Strong lyrics are always important to me – I listened to Squeeze, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson. I was inspired by Hazel O’Connor – who wrote all the songs for Breaking Glass. Soon Madonna burst on the scene, breaking new ground and I wasn’t alone in enjoying her strength and sex positivity.

I don’t let the taste of my partners change mine, but I’ll listen to what others like. One summer I listened to a lot of Alexander O’Neil and feel forced to confess that Criticise sounds like it’s about me! Another song about my worst side is Little Miss Cant be Wrong by the Spin Doctors – oh dear! The year my eldest got into drum and bass affected my tastes too – I like a bit of Pendulum!

When I met my OH we bonded over Gloria Estefan and Bryan Adams. His taste runs to a lot heavier rock than mine, perhaps because he plays a mean lead guitar. To hear him playing songs by the Eagles or Queen makes me melt.

Currently I’m a fan of slightly indie music like Blossoms, Churches,  Wolf Alice, Haim, Royal Blood and 21 Pilots.

For my sex blogging music is very important. I listen to the radio in the car and often music – new or old – will spark a train of thought on a plot, or an emotion/dynamic future story characters will have – for instance “I need your green light” a lyric from a Sam Smith song, is still featuring on my list of ideas to be written up! Something subby I suspect!


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13 thoughts on “Music On – World Off!”

    1. You love what you love with music – I like some of the classics by those groups. Thanks for your comment. Look out for a story I plan with a Stones song as its inspiration.

  1. Fond memories of many of those you list here, not surprising since we’re of a similar age.

    Without siblings for extra influence I wasn’t allowed to ‘waste’ my money on singles, though I could buy albums.

    The first single I recall in my possession was a birthday present from an uncle when I was about 5 or 6 – A cover of “She Loves You” by Pinky & Perky !! ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  2. Although we grew up in a similar time, I am amazed that I know so few of those bands. Must be location, location, location. ?
    Great post Posy. – it shows the wide range of your interests, which spills over into other areas of your life.

  3. I love this, it’s like a journey through my own musical journey! So many memories, especially 80s stuff. I still have On My Radio by Selecter on constantly. I bought the mp3 for my phone! Always makes me bounce along!

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