Golden Brown

Golden Brown: A song by the Stranglers, an English 4-piece band who broke through in the late 70’s when punk was popular. This band, however, were too skilled at songwriting and playing to truly fit the genre.

At the time it charted I had no idea the lyrics related to taking drugs. At face value the song was about being relaxed, soaking up the best of life. With hints at devotion to a lover it promised a journey somewhere exotic.

The line “on her ship, tied to her mast” always takes my mind in the direction of  pirates – to discover how much I love that topic, check out my 3 part adventure “Shiver Me Timbers” 1, 2, 3.

For SinfulSunday I ‘m modelling my favourite shoes, which always remind me of antique luggage. They are made of brown linen with 2 leather straps on each just like a retro suitcase. I nearly didn’t buy them as they are a little higher my norm, but they always draw compliments so others love them as much as I do.

For a cute ‘babygirl’ twist I’ve teamed them with ankle socks with a lace trim.



September Song Project


26 thoughts on “Golden Brown”

  1. Love the shoes and the socks add a nice twist. Also, thank you for translating songs for me. I’m making an effort to pay more attention to the lyrics, but once the brain is used to growing up thinking of lyrics just as another instrument, it’s really hard to get what the songs are about. ?

    1. Love Golden Brown, one of my favourite songs from that era. It’s always so strange that you can hear a song so many times before you finally realise what its actually about!

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