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Wow! an Sharing post


I want to explain the #SoSS posts for anyone who is new to this –

Have you encountered the #SoSS tag or category on other adult sites you visit?  It stands for Share Our Shit Saturday. A non-committal (do it as often as it feels right for you,)content sharing movement within the adult blogging community.

The reason behind it is that the adult industry in general  is under fire. Slowly but surely, providers of adult content are being silenced.  In retaliation we’re banding together even more strongly than before.  As well as sharing posts on social media, folk use #SOSS to create a mini round-up sharing other people’s stuff directly from our sites in the form of a link filled blog post.

So look out for ‘Sharing’ or #SoSS  as a post title because when you see it, there’ll be great content from other adult bloggers, could be fiction, non-fiction, pictures or poetry.  My individual take on it is to “interview” bloggers I admire, getting them to reveal their ‘soft underbelly’ so that hopefully you guys can discover and enjoy them as I do!

Participating in the Song for September I’ve chosen Kate Bush’s song from 1979, I was still at school back then and bought the single with my pocket money.  It’s about showbusiness, touching on its flattery, the constraints of image and reputation. A concept sex bloggers know only too well.

The video clip for Wow! was banned at the time because Kate mentions using Vaseline as a sexual lubricant, and pats her rear. In 2019 things have moved on and that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow, but back then they re-mixed a video from live concert footage which considered acceptable to air.

In summary, my links this week are to posts which made me go “Wow!”


Lucy’s vampyric adventure reaches part 3 – so entrancing 


Kis does vampires and vintage, Oh my! 


Sexy scribbler is a kindred spirit describing the sensations and urges her writing evokes 


As if Petticoat Diva Jo’s picture wasn’t hot enough …

Kurvy Kinkster was inspired to write this 


Kis has an important conversation with her skin


Asrai’s sub Miss Sharpe learns about control (this is part of a longer series)

May’s post is full of teenage yearning


melody talks very frankly about her mental health as influenced by gender dysphoria


Smutathon 2019 is something all sexy writers should think about participating in. It’s being supported by Bellesa.com. Follow on Twitter @Smutathon2019 and participate by writing to raise money for NNAF Abortion funds.



On my blog this week I have shared



Last week’s #SoSS : This Sharing Post is BoSS


For #MasturbationMonday : … My Favourite Waste of Time


For #LiFE : How Did We Get So Dark?


for #F4tF : Angie Baby


All my posts this month are also linking in with the theme of the Song for September Project – Mrs Fever has suggested we use Music as our Muse, and it is proving very effective!  Check out what other’s are linking.

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