How Did We Get So Dark?

[Verse 1]
I saw it coming
Like the shadow on the wall
You started running
Then everything turned cold
How did I become a lookalike
Of someone you used to love?
Someone you used to love

So dark
How did something so sweet tear us apart?
Oh, on a sinking ship with a heavy heart
How did we get so dark?

From ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ by Royal Blood


How could she love him so much that her heart squeezed from just thinking about him? His sweet face, the square shadow of his jaw, the musky smell at that sweet spot between neck and shoulder where her nose nestled when they hugged.

She drew comfort from the strength of his lean back and his warm arms embracing her, but when she thought of his buttocks undulating in her grasping hands as he thrust into her, that’s when she melted. Simultaneously a rollercoaster swooped in her stomach and a liquid fire built within the black lace panties she wore for him.

He groaned when he saw her lying there. Growing rock hard, his hungry eyes raked over her curves. He knew this was no good any more, she’d got too invested when this was meant to be fun, casual. He wasn’t staying, he never hung around long, but damn this chick was freaky in all the right ways. She was made of handfuls of ripe flesh he needed to grab. He sank his teeth into her curves, her mewling groans for more washed away his defences.

She was wet for him like a broken tap and dipping his head to lap her pussy it tasted like the ripest nectarine. Her juices glossed his chin as he suckled at her bean, tickling and teasing with his tongue.

She knew this couldn’t last, but she’d take every minute, every encounter and grind it into her soul. Maybe once he was gone these memories would be a comfort. Oh goddess, if only this could last!

Their climax built and their sweating bodies moved in time, a frenzied dance in harmony with their lust. As fast as it built and lifted them to euphoria, it sank back, receding to ever-weakening eddies until their breathing steadied.

Despite how she wanted to cling to him, to make herself mean in his celebrity world what he meant to her, she’d maintain her dignity. She pretended to be unaware that the soft butterfly kisses he trailed over her shoulder and pressed against her lips were the last. She feigned post orgasmic sleep as he grabbed his jeans and leather jacket before slipping out of the door and into the night.


Originally submitted for #LIFE  this was my 2nd post in the September Song Project. Now it fits perfectly with the theme Celebrity for #Food4Thought as it is about a groupie and her celebrity lover.


3 thoughts on “How Did We Get So Dark?”

  1. Love this Posy. Kinda made me think of another song, yet she would be the one leaving. “All I want to do is make love to you.” One of my all time favorites! Hmmm, maybe that will be my next music muse! 😉

  2. A great story too – you don’t have to be a celebrity to sneak away in the middle of the night! 🙂

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