… My Favourite Waste of Time

Post 1: The September Song Project


This song by Owen Paul is an old favourite of mine.

It is, of course, a love song but I’m sure you can guess (from my blog) what I consider my favourite waste of time <wink>



It builds inexorably as I run through my routine of teasing, stroking, and rubbing. Pressure builds, the final stages of my climax, gripping my legs while my breath catches and steel bands tighten around my core.

My eyes squeeze tight shut as something intense begins. It overtakes me, this sensation of delicious pressure. My focus narrows to the liquid flesh under my fingers. I realise I’m going to come.

My pussy throbs. The heat in my clit focuses, then expands out like an atom bomb cloud. Euphoric release blooms from within while stars burst behind my eyelids.

Submitted for Mrs Fever’s September Song Project
and #MasturbationMonday hosted by Kayla Lords


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