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This Sharing Post is BoSS


This week for my #SoSS post I’m sharing some images and posts which caught my attention in recent weeks. I hope you will take the time to click the links and visit the sites of these talented bloggers whose content is consistently great and entertaining.


Submissy looks delectable in this alluring image 


Kis’ breasts look captivating 


Little Gem strikes a pose on the sill of a church window 


Francesca tempts us to use her pictures for self pleasure 


Lick: A continuation of Jupiter’s sapphic love explorations 


FrolicMe shares some tips on fingering, not just for foreplay


Andy has realised that he’s been forgetting/denying his true sexuality 


Lucy beautifully embraces her inner “horned goddess” 


Tabitha tackles thrush in the most up-beat way 


Nero delves into the archives to bring us a sexy, flirtatious collaboration (part 1) 


Digging deep Annabel tries to act on the Director’s advice 


Jupie has crafted a fun & sexy hippo toy review for May Moore’s site



On Pillow Talk this week I have posted :


My previous #SoSS: Revisiting Interviews with Tom Starling & Starcross


For #FridayFlash and #MasturbationMonday my guest collaboration with Starcross : Shared!  was voted in the top 3 (hurrah!)


For #LIFE: Squeeze Me Tight All Night


I reviewed “The Fifth Floor” ~ BDSM Erotica


On FrolicMe the sexy platform for erotic films, confessions and fiction I shared a story of languid female self pleasure: Playtime


I hope you haven’t missed the article I wrote for the Big Fling  Tips on achieving a Nipplegasm




3 thoughts on “This Sharing Post is BoSS”

  1. Terrific selections, and thank you so much for including me ❤️ I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of Playtime. Would you believe I’m not signed up to Frolic Me yet!! Time to rectify this error, and the thought of reading your sexy tale is just the impetus I needed! ?

    1. Thank you my love – I am usually challenged which of your posts to leave OUT! They’re all so good in different ways. I love my FrolicMe membership which includes the films, but to read the erotic posts & view photo stories you can register for free. You need this in your life!

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