Lingerie is for Everyone – every body, all shapes and sizes #LIFE & this week the theme is how lingerie makes one happy.


Body fresh from the shower, moisturised and fragrant, I select underwear for my playful pictures.

The black satin is dark with a sheen to catch my lover’s eye. I draw it around my ribs and pull the sides together so that they hug my ribs, a constriction I enjoy, My hands shake a little and I fumble to fasten the concealed hooks and eyes at the front of the boned garment.

The slightly padded cups hold and enhance the voluptuous lower curves of my breasts. This garment barely contains them and they are offered invitingly to the camera, to my lover, who I imagine  kissing and nibbling his way over their pillowy curves.

As well as squeezing my flesh up to enhance my tits the shaping corset pulls me in, it tightens my waist. It ends above my hips so I can wear it as outerwear as well as underwear. It makes me feel powerful in my womanliness, enhancing my femininity. In short, it makes me happy with the way I look. It makes me feel sexy and take-charge, an attitude enjoyed by both my lover and me.

Posy models black satin corset



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    I love the words, pillowy curves and it fits perfectly with the way this lingerie offers up your boobs


    • p0sy


      Thanks Devie – I am no good at photo-shopping so that edit helps with the blurring of ‘details’ (ahem)

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