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When I shared this picture by Tom Starling on Twitter, it generated some banter between me and Starcross.

I wished I was the female depicted

You should should give it a go he said

That scenario will remain a fantasy was my response

And bingo! We had an idea for a story and a writing partnership!

So we e-mailed back and forth, taking it in turns to write our viewpoints.

We hope you enjoy the resulting story. I am very grateful that Starcross has let me share it on my blog for #MasturbationMonday.

We’d love your comments and feedback.




Marcia stood with hands behind her back and legs spread shoulder width apart. It was not necessary to lower her gaze, as a blindfold hugged her eyes. It didn’t, however, muffle the sound of approaching footsteps. The men were wearing shoes! She hadn’t expected that, dressed as she was in a skimpy bikini of black leather and stockings, as prescribed by her Master. A prickle of apprehension crept over her, twinned with a cringe of humiliation.


Lucas was so proud of her. Proud that she was going ahead with this fantasy. Proud that she’d so bravely stripped to almost nothing in front of these strangers. Proud that someone so perfect was his.


“OK guys, be gentle,” he said.


His voice, coming from her left she’d hazard, centred her. The knot of anxiety which had nestled, rock like, in her stomach unfurled.


She was pleasing him, she heard it in his tone, and his approval straightened her back, tightened her nipples and teased tendrils of arousal at the junction of her thighs. The heat within her began to build, even as goosebumps sprang on her naked flesh.


His words struck her as wrong, however. Gentle was not what she was used to, not what she craved. She wanted this gathering of men to use her, make her feel objectified, a tool to aid their satisfaction. 


She skimmed her dainty hands up the smooth flesh of her stomach & ribs. Her nails dragged red stripes of abuse en route to the triangles of leather which sheathed her ample breasts. She cupped and grasped them – offering the fleshy orbs to the men she sensed surrounded her. Teasing like a burlesque act she squeezed her nipples, moaning with desire in response to her ministrations.


He knew that he alone could give Marcia what she needed; loving pain, controlled roughness and raw animalistic passion. Their safe word allowed them to explore boundaries that no one else present could come close to. So, while the other men succumbed to the offer of her needy breasts, Lucas eased her legs apart and dug his nails into the soft flesh at the back of her thighs.


As if her neck was hinged, Marcia let her head drop back, loosening the ties of her blindfold to discard it. Eyes closed, she soaked up the sensations from what felt like an army of pinching, twisting fingertips and biting, sucking mouths. She’d happily bear their marks, bruises, love bites, even red arched dents from sharp teeth. Her growing arousal and endurance of their brutality to her body served to demonstrate the intensity of her devotion to her Master. 


She felt her legs forced apart by unseen hands. The fleshy lips of her pussy pouted behind the sheath of leather, moist and glistening with growing arousal. Spikes of pleasure raced from her abused nipples direct to her pouting clitoris, while the blood drummed in her veins.


It was evident that the men were now fully aroused. His ears were filled with the sounds of hungry slurping and kissing and spanking and moaning. The frenzy had well and truly begun. Beneath his fingers he felt the heat and wetness of her excitement. The thin leather between his skin and hers seemed to amplify his touch. Electrified by that brief brush, she arched her back while her mouth fell open – a purple-rimmed maw serving as a target for the crowding cocks.


Marcia allowed the army of male hands to ease her down to the floor. Her hair was grasped and tugged, holding her in place for a face-fucking. Her arms were pinned down as the men pawed her succulent flesh, scrambling over her in search of pleasure from every erogenous zone.


A warm, swollen column of flesh was pressed past her lips. Her sharp intake of breath drew the earthy musk of the invading cock into her nostrils, while the slight salt of his pre-cum slipped over her tongue. Her lips stretched to accommodate its girth. She relaxed her throat while the first male pumped in and out. Marcia gagged occasionally when the tip of the cock bumped the back of her throat, salty tears tracked down her cheeks. 


Too much? wondered Lucas when he saw those tears. But then his eyes met hers and she conveyed her lustful abandon. He encouraged the men to strip her of the skimpy material encasing her most private parts. Her shiny pinkness was spread for him by thick fingers, he got to his knees and feasted. 


That familiar, smooth flavour met his tongue, which delved as deeply as it could go. He looked up, barely able to see her face above the twin mounds of her breasts. His girl, his toy, his Marcia, was being pored over by grateful hands, being tasted by ravenous mouths, being penetrated by greedy cocks.


Those awaiting their turn to fuck her talented mouth were fisting their cocks in readiness. Marcia could imagine what a sight she presented, spread out and wanton, looking slutty and eager for every hole to be filled. 


She felt grounded by Lucas’ familiar touch, and squirmed as the tip of his tongue penetrated her folds. When they locked eyes, it did something to her, squeezing her heart with desire and trust. 


“OK gentlemen, turn her over. You’re going to love her ass. Isn’t that a magnificent, tight little hole?”


Again the men descended on her. Lucas couldn’t help but smile when she twisted at the waist and bent one leg to give them access to her cunt and breasts again. Insatiable. Every single hole was now being used, but her admirers were holding back, waiting for her owner to make the next move.


Marcia had come several times already. Her engorged pussy became a vivid slash of pink as her latest lover withdrew his member to aim spurts of white fluid over her tits. Her make-up, so carefully applied when she entered the room, was wrecked. Purple lipstick was smeared around her mouth and smudged her cheeks, indicating where she’d been slapped with all the cocks she had sucked. Mascara and eyeliner streaked down her face but she felt beautiful, knowing she was desired and worshipped by many while still loved and owned by one.


While surfing a wave of pulsing orgasms, flutters of yearning still throbbed at her core, so she pushed back eagerly at the guy who was pounding her from behind. The entourage of males took up new positions, subtly orchestrated by Lucas.


He was ready, having watched these strangers cover his toy in their creamy semen. Marcia’s energy appeared to be fading, yet still she enthusiastically accepted one more hard dick inside her. Lucas crouched and kissed her, tongue dancing with tongue, a bond that remained unbroken even when yet more come spilled over her buttocks.


Another nod to the assembled group. They picked Marcia up and set her down on her back. Strong hands pinned her wrists above her head and spread her legs wide. Open and fully exposed for him.


She felt she’d been used in the best way. Stretched and captive in their rough grip, freeing her to be ravaged by Lucas. As he leaned in close, she detected notes of his amber aftershave and recognised home. His dark lust filled eyes could still make her stomach flip. Marcia was delighted to have so many handsome men witness her give herself to her Master.


Her greedy pussy longed to embrace his tumescent cock, but he teased her, rubbing her humming clit with its glossy tip until she cried out with frustration.


“Fuck me, deep and hard Master. I need it, I want it!”


She knew he loved to hear her beg, but she wasn’t faking, she felt half crazed with lust for him to ride her hard.


It was as though the touch of him inside her re-energised and electrified her. Lucas accepted her submission with adulation, care and gratitude. He slid in deeper, but slowly – he savoured every centimetre. Finally the base of his cock grazed her clit and he remained buried there until he could no longer resist the pulse of desire. 


This magical connection between them seemed to disappear the other men. It was as though they were now alone in the room, Marcia held open by phantom hands. Lucas lost himself in her eyes as that stupefying clutch around his cock took control of his senses. All focus, all feeling was concentrated on that throbbing tip of him. With a triumphant roar he conquered his love.


Marcia’s legs wrapped round his hips, drawing Lucas in as deep as their bodies allowed, yet still she wanted more. She yearned to swallow him whole, surfing waves of orgasmic rainbow sensations forever; to embrace his hardness and strength with her softness and pliability. As her pussy spasmed around his cock she realised she needed this like oxygen, that no matter what he asked of her she would always acquiesce and still want more.


With grateful thanks to @oh_tom_starling for his inspiring image & @LoveLustLondon for his writing collaboration which very much guided the direction of this piece of erotica. Check out who else is participating by following the link.


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21 thoughts on “Shared! Guest Writing Collaboration”

    1. I am proud of it too! Thanks for your masterful steering of the action – it was a great experience writing with you too.

  1. That worked fantastically – very sexy idea and the story flowed beautifully – i would have liked to know who was writing what but it was all hot –
    “Lucas eased her legs apart and dug his nails into the soft flesh at the back of her thighs” – did it for me x

    1. How kind May – We toyed with the idea of using italics to delineate – but demurred.
      I wrote Marcia’s PoV he wrote as Lucas. That line you liked was all Starcross – his Dom was showing!

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  3. I am lying in bed, much like the photo above, my laptop perched on one leg, reading your story. Wishing an army of female hands were caressing me, but alas, Posy, I am alone. This story will have to do.

    And it did. You and your writing partner have created a most erotic tale.

    1. Elliott – How brilliant that our words helped on your sexy journey to a satisfied destination! No greater compliment can be given!

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