I enjoyed the Ta-Dah moment when I came out of the bathroom in the lingerie I’d packed for our night at the hotel.

I hadn’t planned ahead of time, but packed knickers made of a fishnet fabric which Mr Churchgate gave to me for Christmas, but as yet unworn.

I normally wear quite structured bras, feeling that I need underwiring. For fun in the bedroom I wear more flimsy garments because it’s OK for my breasts to spill out.


We were both enjoying our respective views! My OH keeps himself in good shape playing sports and visiting the gym so I was very happy to be laid across his muscled thighs for a thorough spanking. My knickers were unceremoniously pulled between my butt cheeks and I throbbed against their gusset with moist appreciation.

One of us wore a butt plug and we enjoyed using a silicone vibrator which featured a heated tip as well as many pulse patterns. His nipples, my nipples – all were focused on, ranging from gentle teasing to intense biting and twisting.

Happy endings were reached all around! Then we sank into feathery bliss: a mountain of pillows and continental quilt for a great night’s sleep and no alarm to wake us in the morning.



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