On a recent visit to the Big Smoke, my beloved and I were able to indulge in my favourite kind of sexual hi-jinks – Hotel Sex! #SinfulSunday


I love how a hotel stay shifts the focus. With new surroundings, the agenda is all about us and our pleasure. The bed is bigger and softer than at home, our teenagers and dogs can’t make demands on us and there is anonymity.

My partner is unaware which toys I’ve packed for our fun.

I also like the reveal moment when I exit the  bathroom in my chosen outfit. He was delighted with this selection – fishnet knickers (which he gave me, but as yet unworn) & a halter-neck bra made of black lace.


For more about our hotel hi-jinks, further details will be shared on Violet’s meme #LIFE later this week.

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    • p0sy


      All the Yessss! Thanks Marie – seeing a matinee left plenty of time for hi-jinks!

  1. Reply

    I agree … Hotel Sex is the best! … many a lasting memory has been made behind hotel walls 😉 … nj

    • p0sy


      Aww really? Well you are liberated enough sweetness, you may not need the anonymity.

  2. Cliff Pryor


    A couple of years ago, we did the “meet a stranger at a hotel bar” fantasy. Was so amazing. Thinking we need to try something similar soon

    • p0sy


      That sounds awesome Cliff, & you’ve got me thinking (devilishly) about my next hotel stay.

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