Beach Bunny


For #FridayFlash No. 63 I was inspired by Nikki’s beach image to continue the story of Rabbit and her Master. To read her earlier adventures recording her D/s lifestyle in a secret diary, read parts 1, 2 & 3. More recently she had an outing with a challenge here.


As Rabbit lay on the beach, the sun began to lose it’s original, burning bite. The shadows stretched out long fingers from the parasols and stacks of sunbeds abandoned in the last 2 hours. The breeze which played over her sun-kissed skin now had a cool edge to it, raising a scattering of goosebumps.  


Her nipples became aching points under the fabric of her string bikini, but the cooling gusts were not to blame; it was her imagination, her anticipation. In the same way, the warming at the cleft of her thighs flared with intensity as she remembered the task her Master had set.


Tickles of lust lubricated her pussy. A throb of excitement co-mingled with nerves.


Rabbit cast left and right. Although the beach was not yet deserted, the straggling sunseekers still stretched out on towels or paddling in shallow waters were far away. If their faces were a blur to her, she felt confident hers was unrecognisable to them.


Loosening the tie at the neck of her halter-top, the fabric triangles slipped down, revealing dark, puckered nipples topping pale flesh like cherries on a cupcake. Doing her Master’s bidding brought tingles to their tips and coaxed slippery juices from her nether lips. Rabbit drew her finger along the fleshy cleft at her mons. The fabric pulled taut between the swelling flesh and she enjoyed it’s chafing throb against her straining clit.


She wriggled her hips and tilted her pelvis. She wanted more and no longer cared that prying eyes might be upon her. Master had instructed her to bring herself to orgasm in a public place and already she was close. 


Biting her lip she strummed at her pussy, pressing and rubbing circles around her clit with the pad of her middle finger. It was a familiar dance which her body knew well. Clenching her pelvic floor and thrusting her voluptuous hips, Rabbit was soon enjoying the heavenly throbs and pulses of an orgasm. It crashed through her system like the waves pounding the sandy shore, and she felt lost in its undertow.


Her emissions darkened the fabric of her bikini bottoms while she struggled not to moan aloud with the intensity of pleasure throbbing through her system. Rabbit cupped her breasts, pinching down on each nipple, to eke out the last wisps of pleasure from the orgasm. Her Master liked to keep her body humming and she thrived on rough treatment.


Re-tying her top Rabbit gathered up her towel and sun lotion, heading home from the beach. Unable to disguise the juices which had soaked through, staining her bikini bottoms, she was ashamed and excited in equal measure.


Fulfilling that challenge meant her Master would now reward her with further orgasms. Just thinking about that caused her nipples to ache and chafe anew and she quickened her step.


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This tale of self pleasure is also proudly submitted for #MasturbationMonday – the meme created by Kayla Lords.

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