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Last week was not a good one, events made me feel bone tired, my emotions having been wrung out and trampled on. I’m trying to move forward with my life but I can’t participated in writing posts or reading memes with my usual regularity. I’d be grateful readers/ visitors, if you could bear with me.

It’s important to me to share other bloggers’ work, so in the spirit of Share our Shit Saturday, let me recommend visiting the following awesome posts.


Eve is in a hurry to grow up





Ria is evesdropping on her lover’s sleep-talking 


Dr J describes a conference daydream like no other 


Girl on the Net,’s post makes me wonder, has she been spying on me? 


Jupiter’s slow sensuous sapphic tale will enchant you 


Master imagines the sexy epitome of superpowers and its delicious effects 


Floss tale depicts flirting gone wide of its target 


May discusses the things which helped her through tough times 


Another fabulous image from the Purples, with is an innocent layer to this sexy shot 


As always, Modesty gives us a fun, fearless and sexy image, supported by wise words 


I urge you to visit these blogs, maybe browse around at what else my recommended bloggers have shared, and tweet to tell your friends.


On Pillow Talk I shared:

#LIFE : Stampy Pants

#F4TF/#MasturbationMonday : My Thoughts on the Topic of Taboos

#WickedWednesday/#F4TF : Life is not a Dress Rehearsal which was picked for the top 3 in May’s round-up week #111

#LIFE : All that Jazz


On The Big Fling I shared:  How to have Nipple Orgasms

Please let me know if my tips help with your Nipplegasms!



8 thoughts on “Tag … Pass It On #SoSS”

    1. Thanks Eve, I adored your feisty coming of age piece – I’m on a mission to make sure it is seen by as many as possible.
      Bless you x

  1. I know (perhaps/kindof) how you feel. Maybe.
    I haven’t really had the time or energy to blog properly for well over a month now, and once you stop it gets even harder to get back into it. Your saving grace is that you can always post a pic of yourself in one of your fabulous outfits if you’re not up to anything else – me, I’m just too old and unattractive for that! 🙂

    1. Yes I have rested my laurels on pictures and some guest posts, and when I couldn’t string sexy words together I wrote opinion pieces.
      Thanks very much for your generosity over my photos & your very kind words on my writing. Bless you Nero x

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