For this week’s #LIFE I’m modelling a black lace underwear set & pondering past takes on what was sexy


The lace  of this bralet is so sheer, I needed to use gaffer tape to disguise my nipples, which (oddly) made me think of the flapper style of the 1920/30s. In that era my figure would not have been in fashion, although my bobbed hair would. Back then, the girls with flat chests were a la mode. Long strings of jet and pearl beads hung better against a flat chest.

The fashionable lingerie at this time was very flimsy, like this pretty lace set. Part of their rebellion was to eschew the tight and constricting corsets and bodices women had been trussed up in and hampered by up til then.

Ladies wore silk stockings, but instead of them being held up by garters, they rolled them down to dance and rouged their knees. This was considered racy! For the first time skirts were short enough to show girls’ knees when they were dancing.

Like the song “All That Jazz” suggests, “I’m going to rouge my knees and roll my stockings down”.

Why a rosy knee would be sexy escapes me! It was more a statement of “look at me!” Make-up was often to make women look post orgasmic (a rosy glow to the cheeks: blusher, lips stained red: lipstick) so this trend leaves me puzzled. Other (scandalous) sexy trends in history have been the rouging of nipples, and soaking white muslin dresses so that breasts were visible through the opaque fabric.




One of my favourite features of the lace knickers I’m modelling is the lace-up feature at their front. A fine black ribbon is threaded from one side to the other and can be used to loosen or tighten the front of the garment. I love how it teases! Also because it reminds me of a tightly laced bodice, it makes me feel sexy.


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    • p0sy


      Thank you, I find I need my curiosity satisfied, then I love sharing what I discover!

    • p0sy


      Thank you PS – I de-tacky the gaffer tape before using it on my delicate skin – too ouchy otherwise!

  1. Reply

    The image is gorgeous and I love the thinking behind the words too. For New Year’s Eve one year, long before my adventures in kink I wore a very flapper-esque dress and I must admit I felt absolutely fabulous. I felt playful and compelled me to the dancefloor because it was a dress that was perfect for dancing in. I think rouged knees and rolled down stockings would make a perfect photo opportunity for either #LiFE or #SinfulSunday! You may have inspired something here Posy 🙂 I wish I still had that dress! x

    • p0sy


      Thanks Floss – yeah, I went to a ‘Gatsby’ party when I was 18, I felt very glamorous too (that was before the latest version of the film which had Dior costumes) I’d love to do it again. Thanks for the supportive comment X

  2. Reply

    Sexy and educational! I’ve always wondered about the rouged knees and stockings rolled down. I figured the stockings was a sexy reference, but red knees? Hints of having been down on one’s knees for various reasons, perhaps… ?

    • p0sy


      Ha ha – a typical sex blogger’s train of thought!
      Apparently even the bulge of the rolled down stockings was sexy, hinting at the bare legs above! Skirts (even mid-length) had never been so short – and what about those dresses with fringeing? Those flappers were wild!

  3. violet


    gorgeous set and I love the reference to the song – I’m with Jup – rouged knees had to have been a nod to getting down onto one’s knees. The flappers were such an interesting example of the expression of sexuality in an era that was not ready to really talk about sexual expression. I love that the cheekiness and playfulness of that era is still en vogue these days.

    • p0sy


      Ahh Violet thank you. Yes there was an explosion of sexual expression in that era, throwing off old constraints and exploring new ways. They just felt very glad to be alive I think.

  4. Reply

    I do love the flapper dress fashion and used to have one even with my boobs. 😉 very sexy lingerie – I want it! x

  5. Reply

    Gosh, you look absolutely stunning in this set! 1920s or 2010s, I am quite you’d be considered sexy in any time period if you’d show up wearing this!

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