Stampy Pants

For this post I have pulled on my Stampy Pants.

In order  to let off steam about a few things that get me irritated.


  • I love dogs, I make a lot of time for my own pets. I hate when people don’t walk their dogs or don’t pay attention to their dogs on a walk (using mobile phone or wearing headphones).


  • I hate the cold weather, my hands & feet go numb and they look bloodless (reynauds phenomenon). I always have to wear gloves and I prefer socks and boots, luckily my man lets me warm my feet on his legs in bed!


  • I hate getting sweaty. For exercise, I walk my dogs daily and I attend a weekly pilates class.


  • I enjoy reading (I’ve owned a kindle for nearly 7 years, allowing me to read tangible books as well as e-books / stories on line). I dislike paying for books filled with bad spelling, bad grammar or which needs an edit to tighten it.


  • I hate spiders. If I find a spider in my house ideally I catch it (with a spider catcher) and put it outside, but sometimes the only option is to squish it. I’m frightened of big spiders but it’s no good leaving the little spiders to get on with things because they may grow into big ones.


  •  I’d be interested to find out what makes you feel angry or ranty – leave me a comment.


11 thoughts on “Stampy Pants”

  1. When I used to walk our dog I loved taking in the countryside and just being. But then again I love music too so I probably have been on both sides of that coin.

    Cute picture, I like the idea of ‘stampy pants’ haha

    1. Hi PS – thanks for commenting. My problem with headphones on dog walks is that it means the owner can’t be totally aware of all nuances – my dogs aren’t great around other dogs so I need my antennae out for potential problems. I think on their favourite portion of the day, dogs need their owner’s full attention.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your first two points! I always used to chat to my dogs on walks when I had them. I remember a dog trainer telling me once that it’s good to show an interest in what they do like other members of the pack would! I’m sure I seemed insane asking about what they’d found to sniff or bending over to investigate bushes, but then their little tails would wag and they’d seem quite merry and so I just kept doing it! As for Reynauds, I have only a very mild case of it, but it still is frustrating, I also have generally bad circulation and feel cold regardless of the weather fairly often, so actual cold weather is just horrid! As for what else makes me want to rant, far more than I could fit into a comments box :p

    1. Thanks for this Floss, glad you know what I mean. I think dogs do like us interacting with them, who cares if strangers think we’re mad! I’ve had reynauds since I was 11, I’ve learned to accommodate it but cold weather is a real aggravation, I’m sorry you suffer with it too. I am sure you’re not angry about much, you seem to be able to find the positive in most things.

  3. Interesting post… one of my pet peeves is retractable leads… people who walk their dogs on main roads and allow them the long lead… they can easily run out into the road and there would be no way to stop them (I’m talking about when they have been given the full length of the lead say 6 to 10m).

  4. I absolutely hate spiders, too! Any other creepy crawly, I’m fine with – even cockroaches! But if I spot the tiniest spider on the opposite side of the room, I freeze in terror!!

  5. I love your stamps pants and as I was reading your list it’s as if you’re in my mind. I agree with all your points. I also love paying attention to my dog when I walk (I’m constantly chatting with him) and I hate sweating too.

  6. Totally with you on hating the cold – it aggravates my arthritis and makes me very grumpy. Things that annoy me are my own terrible clumsiness, the general state of the world, and being incapable of coping with numbers. Love the stampy pants!

  7. I am completely onside with your feelings regarding cold weather. My feet were frosr-bitten too many times in my youth, when ski equipment sucked, so I now have constant issues. Added incentive to head south for the winter.

    I never comment about it, but I cannot stand text-speak. Removing capitals, all punctuation, and abbreviating every second word drives me slowly insane. Those conversations don’t last long with me.

    I guess the other thing that grates against my nerves is judgement within the BDSM community; “Your kink isn’t my kink, so you are fucked up.” Don’t get me started. ?

    Great topic Posy!

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