Summer Breeze, These’ll Make You Feel Fine!

Words Share our Shit Saturday on white confetti

It is Saturday so to share the love and great content I’ve earmarked, here’s my #SoSS post.  These little jewels are not the most current from the owners’ blogs, but having grabbed & held my attention, I hope they’ll do the same for you.

Now onto the links:


The Other Me oozes sexy fun in these images 


The damzel Purple’s Gem looks out from her castle tower 


Ria enjoys what pleasure the future holds for her 


Kristian teases us with his fabulous description of edging and denial 


Jupiter is home alone with her vivid imagination and nimble fingers 


Floss has a special way of answering your questions about the future 


Lillith’s blog records her D/s life, and this scene contains edging and CP 


Dr J explores toy training, the series begins here [Part 1]


E T Costello’s poem celebrates the bounty of his beloved 


Ria explores the concept that ladies like reading erotica that’s dirty and passionate 


Lucy explores sexy lesbian blood suckers 


NPE sets out a workplace sex fantasy that I bet many have entertained to some extent 


Kurvy Kinkster has a romantic sensuous daydream inspired by a song 


Kate depicts the decadent tortures of Aphrodite for our delectation 


I think the Controlled Chaos here is how I felt after viewing these lingerie shots! 


@May_Matters was kind enough to pick my photo in her July #SoSS post for which I’m very grateful. Below is another from the same photo session.

In the #FoodforThoughtFriday post, which May & Floss host, they used a prompt which I suggested ~ Face Value. This gave me the opportunity to share posts from 2 of my writing friends who don’t have their own blog.



On Pillow Talk this week I have shared:


#SoSS :  Interview with a Bonfire

#f4tF & #MasturbationMonday :  Do I Judge a Book by Its Cover?

#f4tFGuest Post by PJA Woode : Face Value

Guest Post by Vlad Lioncourt : Face Value

#LingerieisforEveryone : Rain Check

#WickedWednesday & #FridayFlash : Cocktail Hour


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  1. Awww thank you for the shout out! I appreciate it and all you bring to the community. This is a great post with so many great links!

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