Rain Check

This week for Violet’s #Lingerieisforeveryone meme, I present a play, giving you a glimpse of life at Churchgate Towers:


Scene  Posy lays a rug on the floor and fixes her phone into the selfie stick, before slipping on a black lace lingerie set and shoes.

[Knock at the door]

Posy:  Don’t come in!

Mr Churchgate:  But I wanted to see the underwear.

Posy:  I can’t relax and take the pictures if you watch.

[Mr Churchgate goes away]

Scene  Posy takes several pictures, trying not to show her face while remembering to hold her tummy in. 
She looks through the photos, deleting those which are blurry and e-mails them to herself for editing.

Posy  I’ve finished taking pictures, you can come in now.

[Mr Churchgate returns]

Mr Churchgate That underwear is sexy, is it new?

Posy  Yes, I bought it on Amazon.

Mr Churchgate Well I love it, it makes your nipples look great. Can I just …?

[Mr Churchgate reaches his hands out, with the intention to fondle]

Posy No!

Mr Churchgate Are they just for your followers to admire?

Posy No, but I have to leave  in 10 minutes, and you know we will need more time than that!  Can we take a rain check?

[To be continued …]



15 thoughts on “Rain Check”

  1. That lingerie is so freakin’ sexy Posy!! Like A+, 10/10, absolutely can’t blame Mt Churchgate for wanting to undergo nipple exploration. I rather hope the raincheck post comes with more pictures, because yes I am a perv :p x

    1. Thank you Floss – I felt rather epic wearing it, I’ll admit! Yes when we have an empty house for an hour I shall cash in that raincheck and report on the ensuing events. x

  2. Holy moly that’s a gorgeous set! I completely understand Mr’s point of view but some things can’t be rushed!

  3. Another Ab Fab SelfieStick Shot! Love the lingerie, in the future, please send me all of the photos before deleting so I can help you select the good ones, Posy.

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    1. Thanks Jupie, and I agree, putting it down in black & white made me think hard about the rough deal he gets sometimes! 😉

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