This week for Violet’s #Lingerieisforeveryone meme, I present a play, giving you a glimpse of life at Churchgate Towers:


Scene  Posy lays a rug on the floor and fixes her phone into the selfie stick, before slipping on a black lace lingerie set and shoes.

[Knock at the door]

Posy:  Don’t come in!

Mr Churchgate:  But I wanted to see the underwear.

Posy:  I can’t relax and take the pictures if you watch.

[Mr Churchgate goes away]

Scene  Posy takes several pictures, trying not to show her face while remembering to hold her tummy in. 
She looks through the photos, deleting those which are blurry and e-mails them to herself for editing.

Posy  I’ve finished taking pictures, you can come in now.

[Mr Churchgate returns]

Mr Churchgate That underwear is sexy, is it new?

Posy  Yes, I bought it on Amazon.

Mr Churchgate Well I love it, it makes your nipples look great. Can I just …?

[Mr Churchgate reaches his hands out, with the intention to fondle]

Posy No!

Mr Churchgate Are they just for your followers to admire?

Posy No, but I have to leave  in 10 minutes, and you know we will need more time than that!  Can we take a rain check?

[To be continued …]



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  1. Reply

    That lingerie is so freakin’ sexy Posy!! Like A+, 10/10, absolutely can’t blame Mt Churchgate for wanting to undergo nipple exploration. I rather hope the raincheck post comes with more pictures, because yes I am a perv :p x

    • p0sy


      Thank you Floss – I felt rather epic wearing it, I’ll admit! Yes when we have an empty house for an hour I shall cash in that raincheck and report on the ensuing events. x

  2. Violet


    Holy moly that’s a gorgeous set! I completely understand Mr’s point of view but some things can’t be rushed!

    • p0sy


      Aww Violet, thank you. I will give my man a special showing (without masking tape too!)

  3. Reply

    Another Ab Fab SelfieStick Shot! Love the lingerie, in the future, please send me all of the photos before deleting so I can help you select the good ones, Posy.

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    • p0sy


      Thanks Jupie, and I agree, putting it down in black & white made me think hard about the rough deal he gets sometimes! 😉

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