Face Value : Guest Post by Vlad Lioncourt

I have persuaded another great writer, who’s work I recently discovered, to pen a guest post for the #Food4ThoughtFriday meme – this week the prompt is Face Value and the fascinating Vlad Lioncourt shares his thoughts on it.



My take on “face value” might be a bit peculiar (how odd of me, right!?). Rather than reflect on a person or situation, I ended up thinking on the face value of an assumption. In my case, it was the value of the act of writing itself.

Growing up, we all read about the struggles faced by the great writers; the pressures to write and write something beautiful, the challenges of getting through writer’s block and reaching the end. Long periods of frustration, and if it was their sole means of employment, living in near poverty. So few were successful. It sounded so dreary that it held no appeal to me. The face value of writing was a dull and grey existence. Why would anyone do such, by choice?

In 2012, circumstances in my life convinced my wife that writing would be a cathartic exercise for me; a perfect sidecar to the therapy I was undergoing at the time. I fought the idea tooth and nail. I didn’t see how it could, but such was my state of mind at the time, and my perspective on writing. Finally winning me over, I wrote my autobiography for her; I spilled my guts into those pages, and bared my soul.

While she obviously knew much of it, there were parts she knew of in only a superficial sense, especially when dealing with where my head was at during various episodes of my life. The dark thoughts and hopeless pit I have fought my way out of twice. Unspoken things. I wrote ferociously for a week; even losing sleep to do so, but at the end of the day, the release I got from pouring all I had into those pages was every bit as helpful as my therapy. Perhaps more so. And that continues to this very day.

I know this piece has more to do with assumption than face value, but I do have a peculiar way of looking at things. It makes for great conversation.

To anyone out there that has thought about writing, just do it. Not for others, but for yourself. If one other person reads it and enjoys it, and wants to chat with you about it, you have won.



If you have not stumbled on my charming friend Vlad already, locate him on Twitter @Vlad_Lioncourt and check out his fiction which is available from Amazon :

Obliterating the Ordinary

The One

9 thoughts on “Face Value : Guest Post by Vlad Lioncourt”

    1. Vlad Says: “Thank you so much my friend! You have always been an huge supporter of my writing and are an awesome beta reader and editor! So very pleased you liked it!”

  1. I think quite often assumption and face value go hand in hand, so I think your piece works really well. I wonder how many folks aren’t doing something they might love because on the face of it that endeavour isn’t for them, when actually if you don’t try you’ll never know. Thank you Posy for hosting another guest post and thank you very much Vlad for getting involved in this week’s F4TFriday. Please do visit us again x

    1. Vlad Says: “I agree with you Floss. Not digging a little deeper to test first impressions is a dreadful mistake. Life eventually teaches us that.
      You are most welcome, and thank you for your comments and kind words. I might be back – Posy is virtually impossible to turn down…..”

  2. I know a little of your work Vlad and it was a place I think you would always have found yourself – writing. Many years ago when I didn’t write at all a fortune teller said to me that my writing would be read by thousands – I looked at him in disbelief! Even when I started writing – to help my brain work out where I was in life – I still didn’t think about his words. But now, each week I get thousands coming to my blog – reading my fiction and true tales. I think to my self – wow it’s a funny ol world 😉
    great to have you on food for thought …

    1. Vlad Says: “You might be right May. Life may have directed me to write no matter what.
      That is quite a tale about the fortune teller! Weirdly unsettling too, as it suggests that some do have the gift of prognostication. I won’t visit one since I’m not sure I would like what is said. I just hope Karma likes me more than Lady Insomnia.
      It is indeed a funny world; that famous Forest Gump quote comes to mind.
      Thank you so much for responding, and congratulations on having such a successful blog. Well earned.”

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