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I asked my good friend @pjawoode (and sometime writing partner) for his take on the prompt ‘Face Value’ and this is what he’s kindly allowing me to share.
There was a colleague who I thought a bit remote and not really part of our little team.  She was not that keen to enter into discussions in the work’s kitchen ares, and generally kept herself to herself.  She was good at her job, but always did her own thing and really struggled to share ideas or adopt practices we might have all agreed upon.
I had probably put her in a pigeon hole as someone who would always be there in the background, but not really one of my chums, and certainly not someone I could share a joke or a problem with.
That was until one day I found myself alone with her in the work’s kitchen.  The one thing that I had particularly noticed about her was her shoes as she almost always wore ones with heels which were on the high side.  This particular day she as wearing stiletto-heeled leather boots. Some of you know that I have a particular weakness for such attire.  I was wondering if I should comment on them, but you have to be so very, very careful if you are a bloke these days.  So I said nothing.
But I reckon she clocked me noticing the boots and she said: “Like them?” and lifted a leg.
I think I said something like: “They’re just great. Amazing…” and then I do recall saying: “There’s something about boots.’

And that was it.

A couple of days later, she was wearing even an even hotter pair: over the knee, suede ones with tassels down the back.  She asked me if these were any better than the previous ones.  I agreed that they sizzled.

So we got talking and inevitably the conversations we had made their gentle way to the topic of sex.  She was apparently really into dressing up: uniforms, light BDSM. She was bi-curious and desperate to have sex with a woman.  I told her about my particular likes, desires and frustrations. 
Through this we have developed a friendship that is like no others.  We share our thoughts and frustrations.  We talk about sex, knowing that we’d never actually have it with each other.  We chat about stories I ‘might have’ penned for FrolicMe and she sometimes helps me with articles I am writing.  We share views about porn we’ve watched or erotica we have read. 

Who’d have thought all this would have developed? What if I’d taken my dear friend at face value?

Thanks Woody – I just love it when you find a kindred spirit where you least expect to. It makes it all the more precious.

PJA Woode’s delicious writing can be found on the sexy site which provides ethical porn for women and couples, Frolic Me:

Woody has also guested on Food4ThoughtFriday site and mine

5 thoughts on “Face Value : Guest Post by PJA Woode”

  1. What a wonderful tale just goes to show friendship can be found even unlikely places and people if we are just open to it. Thank you for sharing Woody and of course to Posy for hosting 🙂

  2. A fab little tale Woode. They do say never judge a book by its cover and I suppose that applies to people even more as we don’t come with blurb written on our backs 😉

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