Song for Whoever (Beautiful South)

This week the prompt for #WickedWednesday is to use a song title as the  prompt and the title of your post.

I am frequently inspired by songs.  Sometimes lyrics get me thinking of a plot or a character’s mindset, on other occasions it is the title of the song which works like a prompt. This works for my writing and also for the photographs I share in the #SinfulSunday meme.

My writing mojo is absent at the moment, but I love joining in with Marie’s meme. I hope you will forgive me for sharing links to posts which I have created previously.


Pretty in Pink

I used the lyrics from the song by the Psychadelic Furs to accompany a picture featuring shell pink lingerie.

 Tainted Love  (first taste) (more)

This 2-part story has a content warning. It features a D/s dynamic where the sub has agreed her master may use hypnotism to help push boundaries. under his watchful eye, she pushes her soft limits to partake in a threesome with 2 strangers, which has been her fantasy.

[I first heard this song is by Soft Cell but it’s been covered by Marilyn Manson]

I Touch Myself

I used the lyrics from this De Vinyls song as they perfectly captured what I was Illustrating with my picture.

Under My Thumb

A post contemplating my feelings about being dominated by my partner, using restraints, CP and sex toys. I got so much helpful feedback from this post, both in comments, DMs and e-mails.


A risque song by Kelis inspired this fecund image.


Killing me Softly

In a scene between a stern femdom and a pain loving sub, all is not as it seems in the power dynamic.

Once even a video to accompany a song had me wondering what the storyboard was.

Inspired by Lady Gaga : Bad Romance

6 thoughts on “Song for Whoever (Beautiful South)”

  1. One thing that’s clear about this particular prompt is the dividing line between when I knew what was being played on the radio and no longer followed / listened. You’ve straddled my dividing line (ooo err missus).

    And I have to go find out on this and other posts ?

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