White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

#SoSS Stranger than Fiction

It’s no secret how much I enjoy sexy versions of fairy tales, I have written a few myself. 

[All my fairy tales in one place]

For this week’s #SoSS I have collated examples of how other bloggers and writers created erotica with a folk tale vibe.

White Rabbit on grass #SoSS


Kisingura tells a tale of curiosity from a fairy’s PoV 


View Bibulous One’s Historical Vibrations


Deliciously twisted – Ella has a new POV on Beauty and the Beast 


Admire Tabitha’s bloomers for a historical take on sexy! 


Annabel has a take on Snow White’s time in hiding 


Asrai elaborates on Beauty’s interaction with Beast 


A story about a sexy, nymphomaniac fairy from Deviant Succubus


Lucy describes a magical encounter with Tam-lin 


My mother’s take on the same mythical encounter with Tam-lin that Lucy describes


May’s modern fairy tale has its own dark twist (CW: violence, non-consent)


Missy spins us a tale of a brownie and how he serves his mistress 


In this image, Purple’s Gem comes very close to being a tree sprite 


Kristian X weaves the teasing tale of Derwyn and his alluring mermaid 


Bluesubmission is weaving a fairytale featuring an enchanted mirror, which starts here.

[Images courtesy of Pixabay]

2 thoughts on “#SoSS Stranger than Fiction”

    1. Thanks May – I have been collating this list for a while, because I adore doing this myself and I love to read how everyone else does it.

      Indeed – I wish everyone a weekend of relaxation and fun, spending time with loved ones and doing things which make them happy x

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