girl with hand in panties

Bury Your Nose in These Sexy Little Pages


Bury Your Nose in These Sexy Little Pages

Or Posy’s Guide to Hot Holiday Reads – Part 2

girl with hand in panties

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Neighbours (Neighbours Series – Book 1) : Hero West 


Two young lads boast about their prowess with girls and wanking, before taking a skinny dip in the pool. It’s a laid-back, summery start to this sexy book. The underlying tension here is that Jonas has a thing for his friend’s mother, he considers  Hannah a goddess. When she catches a glimpse of 18 year old Jonas using her pool, a buried fantasy is re-awakened. 


Many women imagine the sexy fun elicited from teaching a younger man to become their perfect lover, but would it be taboo for Hannah to do this with Jonas, her son’s best friend?

This book’s the first of a series, so it’s primary function is to set the scene for future erotic action, but it also provides great sexual tension and some enticing self pleasure.

Old Scores (Gay Vamp Romance Book 1) : Nicci Haydon 


The opening scene is scorching hot! 

“I’m your lecturer Vic, it just wouldn’t be …”

Leaning in closer, I dropped my voice to a hoarse whisper. “It would be our little secret. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I …” He shivered.  I could see the battle raging inside him.

[ …]

My hand went to the inside of his thigh, my fingers spreading until they found resistance at his crotch.  He moaned as I pushed his pants tighter around his cock, letting the shape of it form in the folds, watching, waiting for his reply.


A student and his lecturer get it on with frantic, compelling abandon. Throw into the mix that someone is watching them and I was totally gripped. Next reveal: one of the lovers is a 150 year old vampire who plans to bite the other to drink his blood at the point of climax. This reader was squirming in her seat!

The MM interactions in this book are described to involve emotion and sensation, full of details which put you in the middle of the action. All the feels are delivered, as if the reader is a voyeur. There is danger, which provides tension, and a back story filled with bitter-sweet memories, regrets and yearnings. All had me turning the pages and investing in the characters. 


I recommend this book for its sexy imagery and pace. Its mystery held my attention while its erotic liaisons are fabulously intimate. This is definitely a novel I’ll read more than once.


Flipping the Switch (Kitten Gets Her Claws) : Mischa Elliott 


A kitten needs plenty of attention from her Dom, but this submissive babe has been made lower priority than his work commitments for a month!  Returning home from a girls’ night out, she has an evil revenge plot in mind. Soon her man finds she has ‘flipped the switch’ on him, so he is no longer dominant, but is instead cuffed to the bed.

The action that ensues is wild and intense. Kitten uses everything she’s learned in her usually submissive role to tease and tantalise her man. Flexing new claws, satisfaction is hers for the taking while her Dom happily pays the price for neglecting his loving commitments.


Mischa consistently writes great characters and sexy love scenes which induce fanny gallops galore! This novella packs a punch and I’ve bookmarked it for re-reading. 

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