Books to Start a Party in Your Pants

Books to Start a Party in Your Pants!

or Posy’s Guide to Hot Holiday Reading – Part 1

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I love to read, I’ve always got a book on the go – usually on my Kindle but I still appreciate old school books. Second hand books really draw me and when I walk into a big bookstore, I want to take so many shiny books home.


On holiday, in particular, I ensure there’s some sexy reading matter within reach. Many of my favourite bloggers have written books available to buy in both ‘page’ or e-reader format. Let me share some of the erotic treasures I’ve discovered recently.


Jasmin’s Close Encounter (Lovecraftian Erotica Book 1) : Nicci Haydon

The story starts with a ‘spring break’ vibe. Two young couples on holiday at the coast with nothing on their minds but sexual pleasure, but soon we see that Jasmin’s agenda is different. There’s an other-worldly theme to this tale with wonderfully hot inter-species sex. It’s described in a way that made me feel totally involved, experiencing flutters in my knickers. It tapped into my latest love of tentacle sex!


The Guitar Player : T A Malone 


This sexy heroine doesn’t know she is the ‘full package’: gorgeous looks, a booming body and a great personality. Sadly this divorcee is settling for a toe-rag of a guy. He is clearly using and manipulating Ella – both her best friend or her cute dog tell her so!


A guy moves in next door, but Ella hears him playing songs on his guitar before meeting him. The musical is wonderful, both soothing and arousing and Ella is transported by erotic dreams and sensations on hearing it. Does her new neighbour look as good as he plays? Will Ella wake up to the truth about her no-good boyfriend? I don’t want to spoil the plot but I loved this story, and I’ll go back and read it more than once. 


Ms. Fix-It : Madison and her First Fix-it-fast Satisfaction Guaranteed! (Fix-it-fast Fast Book) : M J Spencer


Madison works in her family’s repair business, so she’s accustomed to male banter and bravado, but the stakes are raised when a call to fix an electrical problem brings her up-close and personal with Caleb, a guy she’s had a crush on for years. She doesn’t let on that she’s a virgin, but Oh my goodness, she wants him to take good care of her! 


The plot taps into a lot of my kinks, getting sexy while keeping their clothes on, outdoor sex and of course a hot guy who works with his hands. Add to that the sweet sincerity of it being Madison’s first time … Stop! I am getting overheated remembering it. 


Craving (Steel Brothers Saga, Book 1) : Helen Hardt

This is a longer book with an overarching storyline which carries through the trilogy. The action takes place in Colorado on a ranch. Fresh from college, Jade is staying with her best friend Marj, whose 3 brothers, are handsome, charming and rich. One brother, however seems guarded, he’s moody and hard-work to communicate with. Talon is the cowboy version of Mr Darcy, and thawing his facade becomes an obsession of Jade’s.


Talon, the troubled middle brother, is equally fascinated with Jade. Her sincere, gentle nature gets under his skin, thoughts of her filling his waking hours, inducing a sexual craving. She sparks a thirst that he cannot slake. The eroticism depicted is both powerful and raw, the couple’s D/s explorations seem to surprise them both, but the scenes expand organically and are described with realism.

The sexual encounters portrayed are fast and furious, this book is crammed with them. They are woven into a page turning story alongside Talon’s dark secret, which will surely unravel if Jade and Marj keep picking at it, uncovering things long hidden.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on these books if you give them a try, it’s nice to compare notes with other readers. Similarly send me an email, tweet me or remark in the comments if you have read (or written) great erotica that you’d like me to review.


Reviewing books actually centres me – it is how my blogging career began. This post is shared as part of the #WickedWednesday meme. Click the link to see who else is contributing.


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