Pirate Pants

Splice the mainbrace – Posy is wearing her Pirate Pants!


There’s a ‘double’ fishnet pattern to the tights which I’m wearing with black knee-high boots, topped off with black dance knickers. A black satin bustier tops this off with a man’s shirt tied at the waist.

I make no secret of the fact that pirates get me hot and bothered! They feature in my fantasies and I love to read about them.  Dressing up in pirate garb for these pictures got me quite excited because it made me feel rather powerful, as if adventure was round the corner.

Shiver Me Timbers

He studied her more closely. Pulling his knife from the broad leather belt at his waist, he trailed it slowly up the front of her chest while Lavinia stood rigid and terrified, yet strangely thrilled at his close attention to her. 
He gripped the front of her filthy shirt and yanked it apart. Lavinia yelped with shock.  Her chest was bound around several times with a length of unbleached calico, a trick she’d devised to disguise her breasts.  The pirate used his knife to cut through the fabric. When her twin orbs sprang free his expression became one of lust. 
“I knew my cock wouldn’t steer me wrong!”


I’ve written a sexy pirate adventure in 3 parts (you’ve just read a little taster from part 1).  If it’s whet your appetite and you’d like to know more about Lavinia and the menacing pirate, here are the links:

1)  Shiver Me Timbers

2)  Shiver Me Timbers (a Little More)

3)  Shiver Me Timbers (and a Bottle of Rum)


I’m very flattered that this image recently inspired a hot tale by Mr Dominant, who uses his site to showcase erotica. Read his ‘take’ on my sexy outfit here.


My post is submitted for the #LIFE meme, which celebrates that Lingerie is for Everyone, follow this link to see who else is participating.


Lingerie is for Everyone

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    1. Thank you m’darling, kind words and even lovelier that I am nominated – must go read up on what it’s all about!

    1. Oooh thank you – I hope so! That would be the ultimate pirate hook up, that or Cary Elwes as Dread Pirate Roberts! Lovely feedback 🙂

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