Daisy Dukes

Extract from ‘California Girls’ by Katy Perry
California girls
We’re unforgettable
Daisy dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
We’ll melt your popsicle
Ooh oh ooh
Ooh oh ooh
California girls
We’re undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce
We got it on lock
West coast represent
Now put your hands up
Ooh oh ooh
Ooh oh ooh
The prompt this week is one shot, two ways. This was taken simply on my phone with no editing and using my trusty selfie stick (although the aspect may not have changed dramatically enough to fulfil the prompt).
For more pictures submitted to #SinfulSunday click the link.

16 thoughts on “Daisy Dukes”

    1. Thanks Miss Scarlet, you always look ravishing in your pictures. I suspect you’re too classy for cut off denim!

    1. Isn’t it?! I love denim, leather, fishnet – all are sexy to me (think I just gave away that I’m an 80s gal) πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks NPE – very whimsical comment. I am embracing my pale skin this year, trying not to succumb to the tempations of fake tan (which I usually use on my legs!)

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