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This week I’ve given more time to writing than reading blogger’s work, which is mainly because I’ve also been focusing on a book for review ~ There and Never Ever Back Again (The Diary of A Dark Lord) So far its wry sense of humour and interesting villain’s point of view makes it a fun, thought provoking read. Anyone with even a scant knowledge quest-themed books such as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars will find much to relate to within its pages.

May’s image shows us how she likes to swing

May has also shared her experiences of blindfolds, check out her article on The Big Fling.


Kayla shares curvy deliciousness, but with honesty that’s so refreshing


Ria has made me want to visit her coffee shop … and her bookshop!


Deviant Succubus’ sexy tale flashes us back to the sexual attitudes of the 50s

And here Deviant Succubus’ interprets the mirror masturbation prompt in a way that combines dominance and sexual humiliation – Oh My! 


Vlad packs a lot of hot simmering suspense into this short 


Thank goodness Kim was persuaded to re-share the supernatural, sexy sleuthing of Ronan Drake again


This is the 4th part of Nicci’s fabulously hot and risky recounting of a FF liaison at the office, read it here, but check out the other parts first


Mischa’s private dancer weaves quite a spell over her audience 


Blue submission makes a tasty treat on this table


This week on Pillow Talk I have shared:


For Sinful Sunday : Lollipop


For Masturbation Monday : Three Seconds to Orgasm ~ Guest Post


For Wicked Wednesday : Three Seconds to Orgasm (Final Part) ~ Guest Post


For Lingerie is For Everyone : Wild Thing – I Think I Love Ya!


For Friday Flash : Fortune Teller


& shared on Bellesa : Voyeur with Benefits (Part 3)


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