This week the prompt for #FridayFlash is ‘Fortune Teller’. 


Someone very close to me IRL is actually tells fortunes. For a halloween party long-ago, I tried my hand at reading tarot cards. It’s an absolutely fascinating craft which I admit that I slightly believe in. Whether you do or don’t, immerse yourself in my short tale and please visit the link to see who else has contributed something of 500 words or less.


She knew it was ridiculous to believe, a millenial woman shouldn’t imagine ‘fate’ had a map of everyone’s lives. Humans had free will, made personal choices, were motivated by religion, jealousy, greed, perhaps a desire for fame, to an individual degree. Despite this, Ruby passed through the narrow doorway beside a chinese takeaway, following the signs which read ‘Clairvoyant: Fortunes Told, Tarot Cards’.

The medium was a woman, in her 50s, dressed casually, without the usual hippy accoutrements. Taking Ruby’s hand in her own cool one, she examined the palm, tracing the lines which tracked it, before studying her face. Her gaze was steady making Ruby feel mesmerized. She noted the starbursts of gold flecks around the older woman’s pupils and the hint of green which ringed her blue irises.


“You don’t have a partner,” the woman stated, and Ruby nodded in confirmation, “but you seek a lover.” Ruby, spellbound by her melodious voice, nodded again.


Using her fingers she massaged Ruby’s palm, the cool digits which stroked her wrist teasingly made her pulse skitter. Was the inner wrist an erogenous zone? Ruby’s thoughts bumped erratically around, lightning bugs trapped in a jar.


Ruby’s eyes settled above the buttons of the older woman’s shirt, gazing at the shadowy depths of the alluring cleavage which those unfastened revealed. Her throat felt dry when she imagined the amber and vanilla fragrances to be experienced from nuzzling there. Her lips almost twitched to press kisses at the pulse point of the clairvoyant’s neck.


“You don’t like to follow the crowd, you’re an independent thinker.” 


The fortune teller’s mellifluous voice broke through Ruby’s distracted, lust-fuelled thoughts. Ruby snapped her attention back, studying those soft lips as they moved, attempting to focus on her words.

“You see what you want and you grab it with both hands.” 


To demonstrate, the fortune teller grasped both Ruby’s wrists, pulling her fractionally closer, ‘til her damp pussy rested on the edge of the chair seat.


For a nano-second something unspoken hung in the air. A drumbeat, her pulse she supposed, pounded. Then she leaned across the table to press her lips against the older woman’s sweet mouth. The response was immediate and passionate, their lips parted and Ruby’s tongue darted out and curled teasingly around the older woman’s. As she drew back, she licked her lips and admired the sexy twinkle in those beautiful eyes.


“Can we meet later? When do you finish work?” she propositioned.


“Certainly,” the fortune teller smiled, a sexy quirk to her cupid’s bow lips. “Cancerians make the most generous lovers.”

Submitted for #MasturbationMonday with a photograph of my good friend Elliott (a blogger and writer) with one of his beautiful decks of tarot cards

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    • p0sy


      Gracias Jupiter! Yet another thing we have in common! (is it spooky yet?)

    • p0sy


      Thank you Elliott – so delighted you are floating about the Twitter-sphere again! xx

  1. Reply

    I do the tarot – and my man is a Cancerian 😉 – intriguing characters, hoping this is just the start x

    • p0sy


      Thank you May – Tarot is cool isn’t it? I hadn’t planned to take the story further, but lets see what happens with my muse!

  2. Reply

    Such a wonderfully enticing story! I confess that I’ve dabbled in tarot cards and astrology and had some amazingly accurate readings. 😉

    • p0sy


      Thank you Ria – I just dashed it off, but I could really fell that frisson of attraction building. I am fascinated to find how many people also believe in Tarot, it makes me happy.

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