Wild thing … I think I love ya!


Towering above her in tightly-laced boots with vertiginous heels I was glad her eyes were lowered, that way she wouldn’t detect my knees knocking. Talk about in at the deep end! I didn’t usually do domination but a double booking mishap meant I was covering for Vindictive Violet, poured into a scandalously tight leather corset and panties.


So I laid the blows on her, mostly striping her buttocks but sometimes allowing the leather strands to wrap round her ribs or mark her back.

That’s a taster from Killing Me Softly – if you’re tempted, you can read the whole piece of erotica here. 




This  basque I used to own, a plush ‘snow leopard’ print helped me channel my inner wild (along with the flogger I won in a competition run by @_LittleSBitch).

I love things which lace up, zip up and generally constrict.

This post is submitted for the #LingerieisforEveryone meme (week 24), check out who else has shared their fabulous lingerie selfies.



9 thoughts on “Wild thing … I think I love ya!”

  1. So that’s what you say when someone finds a flogger in your wardrobe – “I won it at a competition”. Have to remember that. Love the stories and the two starting with the same picture!

    1. Ha Ha – I love your sense of humour! I may try that if he notices new dresses, shoes or lingerie too!

    1. Thank you Jupiter! Have you assumed the position, I will begin, you may admire my legs as you count the lashes!

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