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By Jupiter! She’s Got It

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This week for #SoSS, my willing interview subject is Jupiter Grant, blogging newbie but she’s hit the scene with such authority and impact, that it feels like she’s been around ages with her pictures, poetry and sexy prose. Take a look at where it all began and what makes her pulse flutter.



  • What made you decide to write on an adult/erotic theme?


I actually started writing ‘erotica’ as a teenager. I would write sexy/romantic stories for my friends at school. These stories predominantly involved pop-stars, and it was the late 1980s, so there were a lot of porny tales involving Jon Bon Jovi and Matt Goss! 

I have a pretty high sex-drive and I think about sex a lot. For a long time, I thought it meant that there was something wrong with me. So if anyone had asked me if I so much as read any erotica, I’d have quickly said no and shut down the entire conversation. It’s only very recently that I have started to see my sex-drive, and my kinks, my polyamory and non-monogamy as perfectly “normal”  (whatever the hell ‘normal’ means) and entirely acceptable. 

I always loved writing, whether sexy or not, and I adore losing myself in books and, nowadays, online erotica. It has just been in the last couple of months or so that I’ve come back to writing erotica myself. I literally started my blog in the spur-of-the-moment one night in early May (2019), and I’ve been having a ball ever since. The sex-blogger / kinky community are just the most amazing people, and I have felt so welcomed.



  • What draws you to the blogs you follow?


I love sexy erotic writing, first and foremost, and one of the big draws for me are the kind of sensual erotic scenarios that just pick you straight up and drop you into a hot scene full of sex and desire and desperate lust! The kind of stories that make your abdomen start to dance and your knickers start to dampen!

I also love writing that makes me think, that opens my mind and encourages me to explore new ideas. There’s been a few kinks that I didn’t really realise I was into until I read about them on a sex-blog and found myself getting excited. 



  • List 5 words you use to search for the content you want to read/view


Erotica, sex, desire, kink, bondage


  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?


Oh, how can I possibly choose between my babies?! For a long time it was The Rampant Rabbit in all its numerous forms, but I discovered glass dildos this year and, oh my word!!! 

However, for sheer reliability and sexy fun, it’s got to be a Wand, whether Doxy, Hitachi, or otherwise. Great to use on oneself, and sublime torture when you hand it over and let someone else do the driving! 



  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the adult item or film or book you’d take with you:


Well, I was going to say a wand and my favourite dildo, but that probably counts as two items, doesn’t it? Maybe I should take an adult film and just let my fingers do the work! In which case, though I don’t know if it counts as an adult film per se, Lust, Caution” (dir. Ang Lee) certainly has some super hot sex scenes, so I’d probably take a copy of that.



  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?


Non-monogamous poly. It has taken a long time for me to find the proper nomenclature with which to describe it, but from the time I was a teenager and had my first boyfriend, I knew I never wanted marriage or to promise “forever” to one person. My all time record in monogamous relationships is six months. Then several years ago I met a man who was a lot like me, and together we’ve explored the world of ethical non-monogamy. I don’t talk much about my own personal life on the blog, but he has inspired a couple of pieces and got a small mention once. We adore each other, but we both believe it is possible to love more than one person at a time. And I cherish the freedom that non-monogamy and polyamory offers me.



  • What’s your preference – naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?


Tough choice. How about half-undressed? That’s the best of both worlds!! Little skirt around my waist; blouse torn open; bra-strap pulled half-off, one breast emerging from the cup; crotch of my knickers yanked to one side. Lush. Yes, please!! 


  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?


Though my albeit limited D/s experiences usually sees me on the submissive end, I have recently been introduced to some brilliant videos (thanks and praises to TJ The Lustful Empress https://thelustfulempress.blog/)  involving Femdom: edging, ruined orgasms and post-orgasm torture, – and increasingly find myself fantasizing about getting a bit fem-dommy on some whimpering man’s genitalia!

(My Femdom heroine is Velvet Veronica: here she is sharing her Teasing, Edging and Femdom Tutorial https://www.redtube.com/7537081



  • Name a pivotal moment in your youth which may have set the path for your sex life:


The first thing that came to mind was finding my dad’s porno mag stash, and being fascinated. I was only quite young, just leafing through copies of Playboy and Mayfair magazines, obsessed with the boobies and the hairy bushes. Of course, I didn’t understand that these kind of magazines were naughty, (although I did come to appreciate that they weren’t for children!!)  So I got discovered and received a telling off from my mum (I suspect the telling off she gave dad was even worse, lol!). I think that probably set my default attitude to sex and sexuality as something taboo and secret that you must not be seen to indulge, and unfortunately that belief is something that limited my sexual expression for very many years. 



  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:


I immediately interpreted this as “sexual encounter” and decided you are a dirty pervert, Posy. But now I realise that sex was not stipulated and so I guess that makes me the deviant here 😉 

I love snakes, and I would love a ball python as a companion. So I’d love to have an encounter with one of them (and, hey, if it leads to something sexual, so be it ;P) 



  • You’re going to a party – if you could pick 5 ideal guests (living or dead) to meet and party with, who would they be?  Expand a little on why you chose them.



King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell – I really want these guys to talk it all out, and I think Cromwell owes Charles a fucking BIG apology for the whole regicide thing.

My mum – She was my best friend in the world, and she died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2015. I miss her every day. 



Gillian Anderson, my celebrity girl crush 

Hugh Grant (no relation!), my celebrity boy crush.

Posy says: I Luurve Gillian all stern and serious in X files, and the ultimate cougar in Sex Education!


  • What would you choose for your drag queen / burlesque dancer name?


You’ve heard of Puss in Boots, ladies and gentlemen. Now please welcome to the stage, “Grant in Pants”.



  • Sex needn’t always be serious – do you have a funny moment to share?


Oh my god, absolutely. My partner and I were playing with a set of pumps, two little tubes that can be attached to a pump and used to create suction around nipples or clitoris. (Posy, I’ll send you a picture of them you can use).

So, during the course of events, I lay on my back while he attaches one of the tubes to my clitoris, and pumps it up nice and full. Removes it once peak engorgement has been achieved, and wonderful, multi-orgasmic sex ensues. Afterwards, I’m cleaning the toys ready to put them back in the toybox, when he directs me to stand where I am, raise one leg on bed and reattach the pump to my clit. He wants to lay back and watch me use it on myself. Way sexy, right? So I willingly obey, only now that I’m 1.) soaking wet and 2.) in a weird and awkward position, the pump won’t make a decent seal over my clitoris. Instead, as I’m working the hand pump, the tube is kind of half-on half-off, and is letting in air, which results in an hilarious series of wet fart sounds erupting from my puss!! We were in absolute fits!!


  • Sexting – love it or hate it?


Love it with a passion. I’m very turned on by words and language, so sexy messages really get me hot.



  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?



I’ve already mentioned the sex scenes in “Lust, Caution”, so I think I’m going to go for the film “Unfaithful” where the two illicit lovers sneak into the bathroom at a local diner to fuck, while her straight-laced friends who don’t know she’s cheating on her husband are waiting nonchalantly back at the table. 



  • If you watch porn, do you have a preference for professional or amateur? 


I used to like 1980’s professional porn, the kind of films that starred Nina Hartley, Lili Marlene or Ron Jeremy. More modern professional offerings have left me cold though, as the bodies don’t look real, the sex is often bordering on violent and aggressive, and it all feels very fake. However, nowadays there’s some really nice amateur porn posted by couples. I like that because it’s real people really enjoying each other, which is what sex should be.



  • Nominate your favourite “adult” film or book


“Educating Nina” (1984) . Classic 80s porn, if not her debut then at least a very early appearance from Nina Hartley, and directed by a woman (Juliet Anderson). A porn masterpiece. 




  • Before you go, please advise us 1 sex blog which we should add to our reading list:


Well, it’s nigh on impossible to pick just one as I have many favourites that appeal for many different reasons. But I think I’m going to say Deviant Succubus ( https://deviantsuccubus.com/) and not just because she mentioned me in her interview! 

Her writing is amazing; her erotic fiction is sublimely sexy and really draws you inside the character’s thoughts and pleasures. Her non-fiction writing is informative, insightful and thoughtful; I recommend for example her “30 Days of Submission” series of posts, in which she holds her own D/s dynamic up to the spotlight and makes some fascinating and thought-provoking observations.


And, as if her writing were not enough, her photos are always striking and sexy as hell! She’s fantastic! 


Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  

Thank you for asking me, Posy.  This has been great fun! ?

Find Jupiter’s Blog here: Jupiter’s Lair

Follow Jupiter Grant on Twitter : @GrantJupiter

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12 thoughts on “By Jupiter! She’s Got It”

  1. Oh my, this triggered a fun memory in my mind: I found my parents’ sex video collection back in the early 90s and I spent hours upon hours watching that one movie, and it totally made an impression on me. I can still remember every scene, but I can’t remember the name of the movie!
    Jupiter is one of my favourite sex bloggers and I am so utterly pleased that you picked her to be interviewed, Posy. I have learnt so much about this intriguing person!
    Also, Jupiter, thanks for the mention, you awesome bean!

    1. Wow Deviant Succubus, that is a cornerstone of a memory! Thanks for sharing! Yep, Jupiter was awesome sharing thoughts and memories.

    2. Heehee, that’s so funny. It would be fascinating to chase down a copy now and see how much it lives up to your memories. Thanks for your lovely words, Deevie-Weevie, and it was a pleasure to mention your work x

  2. What an awesome thing you do here Posy.

    Jupiter, The funny sex story did make me laugh, it’s wonderful to have partners we can enjoy ourselves like that with even when things don’t go “right.” Enjoyed learning more about you and … I respect whatever boundaries you have about what you write/don’t write but if you ever do write more about your poly life I would be interested to read it. ??

    1. That’s a fabulous endorsement! I’m just rather nosey – so I always want to know what makes other bloggers and writers tick. Luckily for me many are happy to share like our luscious friend Jupiter, her answers made a great read, I agree.

    2. Thanks Lexy. Yes, it is great fun to be able to share a laugh. After all, sex can take a rather ludicrous turn very easily, and the pump debacle was a great bonding moment.
      I may well write more about my poly experience in the future. ?

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