My Father

For sb4MH, in honour of Father’s Day, this week’s prompt is all about fathers, step-fathers, father figures and grandfathers. 

I never knew either of my Grandfathers, which has always made me feel something was missing. My Mother was pregnant with me when her father died, which is a very sad thought because (with hormones all over the place) I imagine her grief hit her harder due to that circumstance. She was quite a ‘daddy’s girl’ and when she married my Father he was welcomed into her family like the son they never had.

My Father is epic – I admire him immensely because he is very honourable and charming, he tells great stories (although they wander off at a tangent like the comedian Ronnie Corbett). My Dad had a loving and devoted relationship with my Mother. He worked hard to put me and my siblings through private education because he believed it would give us a great start in life.

When my Father had a week off work in the school holidays, we used to beg him to watch kids television with us each morning and he read us bedtime stories when he got home at the end of the working day. He taught me to swim, how to ride a bike but teaching me to drive was a step too far for his patience!

I inherited my terrible time-keeping from my Father (we both always think we have time to do 1 more thing before we leave the house!)

My Father is very stylish. He wore a suit and tie every day for work and, working in the Square Mile of London, he wore a top hat out and about. At weekends he was much more comfortable in wellington boots digging the vegetable patch or wearing a flat cap to walk his beloved dogs.

My Dad would pick me up at night if I’d been to a party or on a date. He lent me money when I needed a deposit for my first flat. When bits of my car engine bounced down the road behind me he picked me up from the roadside and advanced me the money to repair my car.

He has a mobile phone, but he barely knows how to use it, and he only uses a microwave for cooking his breakfast porridge.

My children adore my Father, they love his stories of the old days, growing up during WWII and they like to hear how naughty their Mum was when she was little (I was charming, what are you saying?) They are impressed how liberated and open minded he is.

I have always sought my Dad’s advice, his opinions are valid and well thought out. We discuss anything and everything from shoes, to films and relationships. He once asked me what I imagined my Mother would have thought of 50 Shades of Grey (I thought she wouldn’t have disapproved of the content, more of the repetitive writing style) and he asked me where the G-spot was.

I treasure time spent with my Father, trying to visit him most weeks as he lives quite a drive away. It was important for me to see elements of my father in my OH, because basically my Dad is the best kind of man I could imagine.

The #F4TFriday prompt is growing up, and you get some glimpses of my childhood in this post.

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12 thoughts on “My Father”

    1. Thank you – I really treasure him every day, as the darling man is 91 it’s vital to make the most of time spent with him.

    1. Hi is an amazing guy, I love his stories, even those that I’ve heard many times before. I was blessed to have a great relationship with both my parents – thanks for commenting.

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