I haven’t participated in #SinfulSunday in a while, I get intimidated because everyone else’s photos seem so awesome, better composed than mine.

Most have more subtlety to the subject matter, or are bolder and braver. But today, I like how I look in this picture (quick press publish before I change my mind!)

I hope this picture conveys some of the sexy appeal of these knickers: their softness, their opacity and the airy style of them which allows me to feel a breeze against my sex when I walk.


Sinful Sunday lips

37 thoughts on “Twit-Twoo!”

  1. OH MY HEAVENS! . . . Your bum and this image of it are absolutely sublime <3
    PLEASE participate in SS more often…you are being far too critical of yourself (I know we all do it to ourselves) but you definitely are a beauty to be shared. I know that I would be looking forward to your posts again and again!

  2. I love the little ruffled edges. They are a very sexy pair of knickers.

    I am sad you feel a bit like your images are not ‘enough’ for Sinful Sunday. I have always tried to create a space where everyone feels welcome regardless of what they want to show or their photography skills. I hope you will continue to share because I think your images are always very sexy…. And maybe one day if you were up for it I could take some pictures for (off) you?


    1. Thank you Molly, that’s very encouraging to hear. I know I’m over-critical of my photographic images, and it’s no fault of yours, the #SS meme is indeed inclusive. My problem is that the images I achieve never reach the aspirations I had for them. They just don’t please me as much as my writing does.
      What a lovely offer to have some help with my images, I’d definitely consider that, thank you.

  3. Oooh, lovely knickers 😀

    I always feel a bit lacking, too, with my photo ideas and poses and such. I always feel everyone else does a much better job. I hope you keep posting , I’m sure many of us think everyone else does it better!

    1. That is reassuring to hear Victoria, you exude such confidence I would never know. Perhaps I give that impression too – I should try to conquer my discomfort.

  4. This is a cute picture ?

    I know what you mean about feeling your images are not as good as some out there. There are so many great images I don’t envy the guys who do the roundups.

  5. Posy I have always found your pictures to be thoroughly delightful. I do understand how you feel though, it was that exact thinking that stopped me getting involved in Sinful Sunday to begin with. But I think we are our own worst critics and it’s worth remembering that most of us are easily pleased and a flash of bum or a hint of boob, regardless of the photographic merit really does bring a smile to our faces x

    1. Hey Floss! Thanks for this, your straight talking and ability to empathise is a big ‘ole reason I follow your blog and LOVE you! I will stop being such a wussy pants and step up to the #SS challenge as often as I can!

  6. This is a lovely photo! It has such an ethereal quality which I think had just the right feel for what you write about the fabric’s lightness. And I like the softness or the almost-pastel colors that also, perfectly, have a little drama to them too. Im glad you shared. ?

  7. I love this picture, your bum looks lovely and your knickers are absolutely adorable! You know, I am never pleased with my pictures, but I feel better when I put them out there regardless. Because this is not about comparison, this about being part of an inclusive and wonderful community where everyone is accepted the way they are!

    1. That is so true, and the perspective I shall maintain going forward. You are very wise. It is just that they don’t turn out the way I saw them in my head – just not as Arty!

  8. Those undies are super sexy, Posy and you look very delicious in them!! <3 I am gonna echo what others have said… I think you are being too critical of yourself. I genuinely think your images are always sexy. We wanna see you more Xxx

    1. Thank you LSB. You and others have been great – kind and encouraging and I have vowed to myself to keep trying with the pictures, but I do aspire to more creative with my images.

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