Burning Fantasy

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You know that feeling when you have an itch? The relief of scratching is almost a sexual pleasure. You should stop, but the joy of abraiding that throbbing, teasing area is so blissful you can’t.


Hannah felt that after her first orgasm. The craving for stimulation became a knife edge of pleasure and pain. Body humming like a tuning fork, she became a dog on heat.

Mistress knew this. Mistress loved watching her squirm and fret. Hannah alternated between bratty and obsequious to earn the stimulation she craved. Mistress’ devious mind concocted an exquisite way to punish Hannah’s errant behaviour.


In the stable yard, in front of maids and stable boys, she tied Hannaht to a 5-bar gate. Instructed to strip bare, she stood bent at the waist, arms tied to the gate and legs wide. Mistress wore leather gloves to thrash her buttocks with freshly picked nettles until they were red and tingling. The nettles raised blanes and welts wherever they struck. Captive, Hannah sobbed and trembled as Mistress finished with flourishing swipes to her tender rosebud nipples.


“Get buckets of water,” she instructed the stable boy. “Douse her.”

Mistress stood back to watch. The cold water was a shock, initially a relief from the burning sensation. As the water began to drip off, Hannah was consumed with throbbing and itching once more.


“I’ll return at noon.” Mistress warned Hannah.

“Don’t untie her.” She instructed the gawping housemaid.

It was a mild day. Hannah’s skin dried, but her frustration mounted. She longed to scrub her punished buttocks, their stinging sensation driving her demented. Wriggling her wrists, the coarse rope wouldn’t budge, rather it scraped raw patches, more painful than the nettle stings.


“Help me Will!” she pleaded with the freckled stable boy.

“No fear! Mistress would tan my hide.”  But he took liberties, pinching her nipples whenever he passed.

“Uuungh!” she groaned, swaying with lust. Her smarting teats responded with a rush of sensation. She yearned for more. “More!”

The cruel lad laughed at her predicament.

“I’ll suck you off!” she wheedled.


Will didn’t hesitate. Shrugging his braces over his shoulders, his trousers dropped. A veiny member was revealed, semi erect from witnessing her beating. He made quick work of the rope bindings before pressing Hannah to her knees. The greedy, lust crazed girl immediately sheathed his phallus with her lips, licking and sucking. Gobs of drool strung from mouth to chest, while her head bobbed like a pecking chicken, throating his cock and slurping his pre-cum.


It wasn’t enough. Still she thrummed with burning, skin crawling need.
“Fuck me!” She begged.
Will responded with alacrity. As he plunged into her hot, swollen pussy Hannah came. Will kept pounding. She felt the pressure begin building again.

“Lick me!” she implored the maid, pulling and pinching her itching breasts.
The maid responded with enthusiasm, sucking at Hannah’s heated pussy. Will continued pumping her doggy style.

At the window their devious Mistress frigged herself to a frenzy watching the farmyard tableau.



I have let my fantasies unwind for this tale, fulfilling the prompt for both #WickedWednesday and last week’s #FridayFlash (No.55).  Click the links to see who else is participating. Image courtesy of Pixabay.


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11 thoughts on “Burning Fantasy”

    1. Thanks May – have to say your recent ‘gate themed punishment’ was firmly in my head as I wrote this, so thanks to you and your man for a pinch of inspiration. Yes the ‘farm yard’ was very much evident in their primal pleasure.

  1. Goodness . . . I love the thought of that 5-bar gate . . . and then of Mistress watching from her window!!!
    Very raw and reading . . . and re-reading again . . . has given me an “itch” as well. A tingling one !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Damn Posy, as a fiction writer you have quite a sadistic mind! Haha
    Love this scenario and I can totally imagine it right now due to my current, erm, burning and stingy sensations.
    That was rather hot (ha pun)

    1. Well, I saw you say that you didn’t like Erotica, so I’m delighted you found this hot! I am sorry for you that you can so vividly relate however!

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