Mistakes … I’ve Made a Few


Title: A line from a famous song in which the singer is confident that doing it ‘their way’ has shaped their life for the best.

Lucky is the person who feels like that, because I personally have made plenty of mistakes, many of which still have the power to make me feel hot or cringe when I think of them. (Read my post on embarrassing moments here).

I’m not pretending I’ve done everything wrong, no need to start my pity party, I’ve got a wonderful life partner and we are happy. My children have grown into balanced, healthy adults equipped with a good education. I have friends and extended family who offer me company and support when I need it.

Not going to university was a big mistake. I didn’t listen to my parents who wanted the best for me and suggested I take my education further. My problem was, I wasn’t sure what I wanted in terms of a career. I’ve posted before about my aspirations to be a journalist or a writer.. If I attended secretarial college to learn shorthand and typing that seemed a step along the right road.

Another mistake was moving in with my boyfriend when I was only 19 years old. We were both young and when life should have been a great adventure, I’d tied myself down to a man I outgrew quickly. I dragged myself down with the drudgery of being a responsible, bill-paying housewife while my friends were having carefree fun: going to nightclubs, having holidays abroad.

I met this guy while I was studying my business course, causing me to veer from my original plan. I hastily got a job working in the claims department for a local toothbrush and plastics company. The job was dull, with people who’d worked at the offices for years. I never even tried working in the bright lights of London. Since then I’ve done a series of secretarial and administration jobs, none of them utilising my creativity.

Nowadays, blogging and writing in my spare time, I feel fulfilled, I love it. I did probably miss out on having a career I enjoyed, which stretched me. However, I don’t intend to waste this opportunity, presented to me in later life. It’s my second bite at the cherry and I’ll continue pushing myself to tick more off my bucket list.


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8 thoughts on “Mistakes … I’ve Made a Few”

  1. The thing is bout not going to Uni is it meant you got the admin and sec jobs but that may have been just what was needed for your family – to bring up your children – which I think is the most important job anyone can do. Off to read your porn post now! TY so much for joining in F4TFriday again Posy x

    1. Very true May – high flying jobs mean you’ve got a lot of work things to juggle. I like to focus on my family and what they need. I’m rather enjoying getting on my soapbox on a Friday!

    1. I agree, no point bemoaning the path you took after you took it! Hindsight is a wonderful thing but best to look for the silver lining in what you have now.

  2. Sometimes life just runs a different cause, and it takes you longer to get where you want to be, where you feel happy and content. I am happy that the blog brings you that 🙂

    Rebel xox

    PS: Yayyyy, I am getting emails from your blog again!

    1. That’s so true Marie – and a good perspective which I embrace.
      Glad you are getting notifications of my blog up-dates again! Love your comments & input.

  3. It’s always interesting to look back and think what if. I feel like it’s important to acknowledge as you did that you are following your passion now as you are able and that is huge!! Yay you!!

    1. Agree with your comment. Looking back I couldn’t really find any glaring mistakes, only little ones. Even the two I have described are just times where I chose a fork in the road that, given the chance again, I might choose to go in another direction. That said, I would never want to miss out on meeting my beloved or having my beautiful children, so better not to change anything!

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