Room 101 ~ Hates and Fears

Food 4 Thought Friday #101 Prompt ~ Room 101

Floss & May have taken over hosting this meme from the wonderful Kilted Wookie. When they realised it was week 101 they knew this would be their only opportunity to use Room 101 as the source for our questions.

Room 101 first appeared in the book 1984 by George Orwell. It’s an extremely insightful novel. The room was said to contain a person’s greatest fear. The popular TV show of the same name asked people to consign their pet hates to Room 101.

With this in mind what they want to know is…

“What are your main hates and/or fears – sex wise or other – that you would like banished from your life forever?

Explain why/how these became your hates and fear.”

So for my very first participation in this meme, read on.

I am absolutely terrified of heights. It first manifested on a trip to visit a lighthouse, I just couldn’t climb those spiral stairs to the top to see the view, instead I sat part-way up, crying. It has ambushed me visiting a castle, the Tower of London (for both of these the spiral stairs were a factor) but also up a mountain. On a sexy weekend away in Paris, I wouldn’t even cross to the same side of the river as the Eiffel Tower in case OH tried to persuade me to climb it!

It’s a total party-pooper for me. It means I couldn’t go on the rides which my kids loved (Disney, Legoland, Thorpe Park) and I’m pretty confident I’d hate to ride the London Eye or go up in a helicopter. If I ever went to the set of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” I wouldn’t be able to cross that wood & rope bridge!

I hate the way I blurt. You’ll never get an awkward silence with me, oh no, I’ll blurt something out to fill it! At its worst I don’t think through what I am saying. I mean well, but suddenly realise I’ve said something tactless, or shared something I should keep to myself. Worst of all is when it occurs to me after the event how my words could have been misconstrued – it’s too late to apologise or qualify my meaning so I am left hot faced and cringeing every time I remember what I said.

I have recently begun to suffer from anxiety.  Luckily it is fairly minor and intermittent, but I have phases when everything and anything ambushes me. I’ve written a post about what helped me. Maybe at some point I’ll share more about my triggers and how my anxiety presents itself. At it’s worst I didn’t dare go out and socialise in case I said the wrong thing or others said something to exacerbate it. I hated it that as I’m a gregarious person. I am very sad that it will probably never go away – no thanks to the menopause for its contribution!

A fear I’ve recently discovered which affects me is termed Trypophobia. Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps. I don’t have this to phobia level (that would involve real fear), but some patterns can really make my skin crawl or my stomach feel queasy, so I have to look away.  Poor Kisingura when I had to tell her I couldn’t look at this image (which was judged in the top 3 for #SinfulSunday that week)

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15 thoughts on “Room 101 ~ Hates and Fears”

  1. Yay! Welcome to F4TFriday Posy, happy, happy, happy to have you here. I don’t have a fear of heights but in recent years I’ve discovered heights will make me feel a little queasy and unsteady on my feet, I think this is a growing older thing as I remember the same thing happening to my Mum when I was little. I find that unpleasant enough to deal with, so I can only imagine what a genuine fear would be like. I also don’t have Trypophobia BUT I 100% can see why folks have that, I have misophonia (which is irritation by sounds) probably linked to my anxiety (so I hear you on that one) and that gives me an idea of how things can manifest.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us this week and I hope this is the first of many F4TFriday posts we see from you 🙂 Floss x

    1. Thank you Floss – it’s good to be here. It’s not SO scary to share! (Not as scary as heights for sure!)
      Does your Misophonia make it hard to be in busy places? or is it specific kinds of noise? (some kinds of club music really get me feeling jumpy and irritable so I sympathise on a lesser level). I’ll try to swing by again soon – you and May have been so welcoming.

  2. Well done Posy! I have received the call too, to write something for this meme but my mind has completely emptied itself of anything worthwhile to say.
    Sorry to read about your anxiety. Let me just say, I love being in your wonderful company.

    1. I know what you mean Pons, I don’t write well under pressure always!
      I love to be in your company too – you’re an easy chap to socialise with. x

  3. Thanks for joining in Posy – I love your more personal posts. The article you wrote a few months ago about anxiety was excellent. I too will be mentioning the cluster hate in my post x

    1. Thanks May – I am wary of oversharing, but I am glad you liked it! Yes that cluster thing ambushes me unplesantly sometimes!

  4. I also like your personal posts so don’t worry about over sharing as far as I am concerned. My whole site is probably an overshare. Having spent some time in your company, your sociable and friendly way doesn’t come over as a blurt at all, but rather as genuine interest. Thank you for sharing your list. missy x

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  6. I so recognise the blurting! I am always silent in groups, and considerate when I speak, but once I feel safe and get real enthusiastic, I too tend to blurt out things. And it’s only after that I realise: I shouldn’t have said all that, should I?
    I guess we’ll survive 😉

    1. Thanks Liz, Yep it doesn’t do to get too comfortable does it?! I only hope I get really good at damage control! I’m literally 1 drink away from revealing that I’m a sex blogger – dangerous no?!

  7. Anxiety- yes definitely something that should be consigned far, far away. I didn’t realise the irregular patterns thing has a name,- but I have a good friend who can’t stand patterns as you describe. And blurting is a fear for many of us… keeping blogs a secret from RL when sometimes topics just cross and there is so much to say. Really interesting to check out the participating blogs this week and see what makes us all tick!

  8. That last one is strange…I didn’t realize I had that or that it had a name until you mentioned it. And now my skin is crawling thinking about images of clustered bumps.

    1. It is odd isn’t it – when I watch Pirates of the Carribean, all the crustaceans over the haunted sailors – argh I just want to pick them all off!

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