Cartoon image of the mouth of a person whispering a secret into the ear of a woman

Older Women Enjoy Sex!


Cartoon image of the mouth of a person whispering a secret into the ear of a woman
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I have recently been writing erotic stories with the hope that they will be selected for inclusion in anthologies. I was working on two which needed submissions. One of the suggested criteria to weave into plots (which I latched onto) was older women. The editor(s) wanted characters aged 40+. We write best when we know a subject so, as I’m one such ‘older woman’ I knew I should write about this.

In each story I submitted, my central character was menopausal and starting to get blindsided with erotic thoughts at random moments (I was laughing with @kay_jaybee about this!) With these sexy distractions, my female leads’ libidos bobbed up. They found their sexual curiosity peaking and, freed from imagined rules or inhibitions from their past, they felt able to explore sexual proclivities they hadn’t tried before.

Of course these things can be true and it’s not rare,  They make up part of my own story,  which I shared with @sexponential as a guest post. Laura’s blog  advises and guides women whose libido had upped and left or is ‘on strike’ – if that sounds like your story, check out her site for informative posts.

So anyway, here’s something I wrote (but later decided to cut) for one story.

Trudy had never sought rough sex before. Instead she’d always seen herself as a goddess in the bedroom, her lovers had worshipped her with lips, tongues and cocks. These erotic stories, however, seemed to be unlocking a different kind of passion. One she’d never experienced. 

As she moved around the house turning off lamps and locking the front door, she wondered was this change because she was missing regular sex with Colin? She shook her head. Sex had been more comfortable than exciting with him.

She opened the fridge and pulled out the makings of tomorrow’s salad, selecting a sharp knife. Slicing lettuce into ribbons and cutting tomatoes, she layered the components in an airtight container. She cubed some cheese, sprinkling that on top.

When her eyes rested on the long dark cucumber all mundane thoughts of salad emptied from her head. Instead she imagined what it would feel like thrusting the cucumber’s thick girth inside herself. She longed to put on a show, the pink slash of her hungry pussy stretched wide to accommodate its cool, firm circumference. How deep could she take its length? How would it feel?

Trudy shook herself out of this reverie, wondering how it had ambushed her. She cut the cucumber into slices decisively, snapping the lid on an airtight box, before storing it in the fridge. She rinsed the utensils, leaving them to drain, then climbed the stairs to bed.  Snuggled into her pillows she promised herself she’d go on-line to order some sex toys. That seemed a safer way to play.


If you wish there was more to read about a woman pleasuring herself with vegetables, I wrote this ‘Cleaner Close part 4 : For Her Master’s Pleasure

At 40+ we are still sexy, we still have cravings and needs. Age 50+ I’ve become a sex-blogger, learned I’m multi-orgasmic and how to have a nipplegasm – not too bad I’d say.

@EveRay was also very encouraging recently (I’m paraphrasing ‘cos I can’t find the Tweet) saying that her sexual positivity spiked after turning 50.  We need more writers giving it exposure.  I know some of you have written fabulous stories of older people’s sex lives, please share your links in the comments, I’d be delighted to read more.



11 thoughts on “Older Women Enjoy Sex!”

  1. Bravo ?. I’m in my 40s, and I’ve never felt sexier. It’s is such a stereotype that once you reach 40, you cease to be sexual. I love that you’re representing 40+ women in your writing.

  2. I’m seriously looking forward to random sexual thoughts popping up. And also, this makes me want to ask my mother if it’s happened to her. But she doesn’t talk about sex so I’m not sure if she’d tell me…but I definitely want to know, lol.

  3. The salad clip did make me smile – and yes older women do need to be in erotica more. In my bellesa story – colour or life – one of the romantic characters was over 50 – but i need to tackle that more on my blog fiction. Of course I am an older woman and write about my sex life all the time 😉 x

    1. Thanks May – yes you do, but I wonder if (because you’re so adventurous) people guess your age as younger? Because of the stereotypes. I think if we can occasionally address it in our fiction it will help push the envelope. x

  4. Wonderful post . . . and loved the cucumber salad !!!
    AND . . . just wanted to say that your posting on Sexponential (which I hadn’t read before), is equally wonderful and a timeline I completely relate to (along with millions of others I’m sure).
    Wonderful, wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

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  6. Sorry to intrude as I’m a guy but I discovered I was bi-sexual when I got to my fifties, so it can happen to us aall

    1. Steve hi – thanks so much for commenting, (never an intrusion). I think 50s can be pivotal, a kind of ‘it’s now or never’ moment, so I am glad you are embracing it now. xx

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