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Hello my Dark Darlings, another Saturday rolls round again and the weekend begins. I hope you all have something planned which relaxes or de-stresses you. Many of us have a full working week so unwinding and embracing more leisurely pursuits should be part of our self-care.

What I like to do with my time is read, write, interact with friends, get out in the countryside with my four-legged companions, spend time with close family. I’m not one who yearns for bright lights, new experiences or fancy food and drink too often – although those things are a great as a treat.

When I read I often visit a fantasy world. I can lose myself in a historical setting, I’m surely not alone in enjoying books about crime and murder – both of which are escapism for me. It’s the same when I read *BDSM erotic fiction. I enjoy stories with a compelling power dynamic, hypnotic personalities, obedience and trust. These interplays are pure adventure to me, something out of daily life. My experience of D/s is via role play at most.

  • BDSM is an acronym that refers to a specific type of erotic behaviour or play, that may involve any of the following: bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism and masochism (S&M).

However, amongst bloggers I have met virtually and in person (thanks to Eroticon) there are many couples who live D/s as a lifestyle. Their posts and/or podcasts are honest and educating. They illuminate and add common sense to what is purely a fantasy to many people (and yeah, D/s is a very common fantasy).

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Some of us erotica writers create stories in areas with which we aren’t familiar in real life, and that’s OK, but these guys love and live as a Dominant and submissive partnerships.  Some are Daddy Doms with little girls, others like to be called Master, Mistress or Sir, some submissives refer to themselves in the third person or indulge in pet play. What sets these guys apart from many erotic stories about D/s is that they play safely,  with trust and agreements they’ve built. Everyone’s best interests are considered and their well being is uppermost on the agenda.

You will find when you browse around their blogs (which I hope you will do, although I’m just going to provide 1 link from each) examples of how to make a relationship work. They talk, listen, support each other as well as exploring their kinky side.

May interviewed missy about her D/s dynamic on the wonderful one-stop erotica site: FrolicMe. Many people only practice their D/s dynamic in the bedroom while for others it pervades every aspect of their life. Look out for a piece May intends to post soon exploring this.


Kayla & John Brownstone & Loving BDSM

His Lordship & missy & the Safeword Club

Molly, Dom Signs & Cara

May & her man

Joanne & Stunt Cock & sub ‘r’

Purples Gem & Little Gem

Master’s Pleasing Bitch & Master

Little Switch Bitch & her man

sub-Bee & her Keeper

Floss & Bakji & Proud to be Kinky 

Modesty & her man/men

Blue & her husband

Raven Lee & Annabel

Marie & Grand Master T

Eve Ray & her sub

Puppet & her Master

Victoria Blisse & her man Kev

Not all the links are lifestyle posts, some are fiction. I also know I haven’t mentioned everyone I could have, so why not share this post AND tag on your favourite lifestyle D/s blogs.

Improve the validity of the Saturday Shit Sharing!

Enjoy yourselves relaxing my Darlings.

Images courtesy of Floss & Raven’s Annabel

3 thoughts on “The Guiding Lights for a D/s Lifestyle #SoSS”

  1. Thank you so much for the mention here Posy. You are always so good at promoting other writers and I really appreciate you highlighting my blog as well as The SWC. There are so many great links here and for anyone looking for information about D/s or others writing about it, there are also links to posts on the Tell Me About meme at

  2. Very well written SoSS Posy – thanks for the mentions – I am an in the bedroom sub but do understand how the dynamic of a D’s lifestyle can benefit both parties x

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