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Sharing More Good Stuff!

Words Share our Shit Saturday on white confetti

Welcome to my Saturday #SoSS my Dark Darlings!

This is going to be a quickie share because I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment, I am constructing a couple of stories which I want to submit to separate anthologies and my deadlines are the end of the month BUT I do like to share the stories / opinion pieces and pictures which have grabbed and held my attention over the past week.  As you can perhaps imagine, I’ve also had less time for internet browsing than usual, so the list isn’t huge.

I started a discussion on Twitter regarding the need to be responsible with our themes, even when writing fictional erotica. Amongst a whole range of valid viewpoints were expressed, Nero pointed me in the direction of this post he’d written regarding consent and how to convey it during an encounter.

I’ve had unlimited access to Medium recently and have read some great pieces on that platform.

Yuxi Lin on how Fanny Hill let her down

Aura Wilming shares a tale from Farrago Hotel


On the Sisters in Smut platform I loved Oleander’s account of coming clean about her writing to family.


If you can excuse the trumpet blowing, I am mighty proud to have been in the top 3 picked out of E-lust’s submissions for the month of May with my fictional piece Mirror Masturbation but please check out all the other great contenders.


On the Bellesa platform I loved Rachel’s story of embracing one’s imperfections

In case you missed one of mine: Layers of Lucy depicts an older woman’s returning confidence


If, like me, you fantasise about being rumped and pumped by something other-worldly, Ella’s review could introduce your ideal ‘partner’ https://www.scandarella.com/reviews/strange-bedfellas-batou-dildo-review/


Floss’ candid lingerie shot will have you salivating https://flossdoeslife.com/2019/05/photography-find-your-own-sword/


Sexy socks – PurplesGem sets a great example https://www.purplesgem.com/2019/05/07/masturbation/


Raven Lee is welcomed home in the most tantalising way http://www.discovering-kink.com/a-soothing-return/


At last the whole of Kim’s D/s series is in one place https://pandorasbox86blog.wordpress.com/2019/05/17/acceptance-part-four/

Violet suspects (and I agree) these may be the sexiest legs on Twitter https://t.co/tbowO8ryLc


Giving us bra envy here’s Morgan https://t.co/O7Cpp7qJXW


Outdoor sex – words and pictures shared by May & her man to put you in ‘their’ moment https://t.co/Gli71W30I4


And on the Wicked Wednesday meme: Melody shares her thoughts on the topic of friends

Floss grabbed her story inspiration from this image https://flossdoeslife.com/2019/05/erotica-sea-men-at-work/

My #WW post was about friendship too

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