Teenage girls by the sea making heartshapes with their hands


Teenage girls by the sea making heartshapes with their hands

I am a gregarious person – a bit of a people-pleaser who dislikes conflict.  I enjoy being part of a team (but not the leader) and I enjoy being friendly, particularly encouraging and settling people who are shy into the social circle. Although I have plenty of friends I’ve learned that a friend you can count on is a rare and precious thing.

My oldest friend is a boy 

I fancied him when I was 9 and playing out in the park with a mixed group. He liked me too, so if he got ‘shot’  playing army or cowboys I used to act as nurse even though on most other occasions I’d choose a tomboy role. He’s been my boyfriend at 3  different stages in my life. We’ve attended each other’s weddings and, even though he lives in Australia, we meet up when he comes back to the UK to see family.

My best friend is a girl

We forged our friendship slowly (she has trust issues) but have been firm friends for 35 years. She was my bridesmaid, is godmother to my children and there’s not much in my life she doesn’t know about. She knows about my blog although I doubt she’d ever visit it, it’s not her style. We counsel each other, cheer, support, teach but most importantly trust. She is irreplaceable.

Some of my older friendships have ‘plateaued’ in that our connection doesn’t continue to develop or there are things I censor and don’t discuss with them.  If the thing which brought us together: working in the same office, having small babies/children no longer exists, this can cause our friendship to wane. [Here’s a truth-based story about a friendship which has now fallen by the wayside]

New friendships

In contrast with friendships I’ve out-grown, some of my best-matched friendships are with people I’ve met only recently, but the connection I feel with them seems stronger than people I have known for years. Yes sex bloggers and Twitter friends, I could be talking about you!  If we DM or e-mail frequently, if you’re one of the first to read my blog posts, you regularly comment and I do likewise with you, then I’d say we were virtual friends. On a higher increment are those to whom the previous points apply and we’ve also met in person (you know who you are!) What could be more bonding than sharing your sexual preferences, fantasies, experiences and mishaps with like-minded people?

My best friend ever

My husband/ my OH. Long suffering, sexy, kind, loving, patient, my rock, my superhero, the third child in our house.  He puts up with my lateness although he likes to be punctual, he tries out my kinks, he protects me and takes pride in my achievements.  I couldn’t ask for more and some days I wonder if I deserve him. Of course he infuriates me, bosses me, embarrasses me, but only as much as I do to him! Basically my dear friends, he completes me.

Thanks for reading virtual friends, I hope you are all as fortunate as me and enjoy friendships or partnerships that support and boost you. A friend who you can talk to without fear of judgement, who will listen when you need to vent, will shoot from the hip or offer advice when you can’t think which way to turn is truly worth their weight in gold. Lucky is the person who has someone like this in their lives.

This post is submitted for Marie’s wonderfully friendly meme #WickedWednesday and the photo shared is that used on her page for the theme Friendship.

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  1. I do sometimes envy those who can trace life long friendships.

    New friendships from writing are a pleasant surprise to me. Was great to take the virtual to another level in meeting you. xx

  2. It’s so good to see so your description of your best friend, the acknowledgement that new friends aren’t necessarily the ones that others would think of (Twitter friends, fellow bloggers) but that you feel more of a connection to them than you do people you have known for years.

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