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Interview with  Rachel Woe

This Saturday I’m setting before you an interview with a writer of erotica who I’ve been admiring since I first read a short story by her a year ago – a discovery I made when browsing the Bellesa site.

I love how getting virtual friends to share their roots, motivations and inspirations gives their writing a further dimension when I read it going forward – see what I mean for yourself.

What made you decide to write on an adult/erotic theme?

I’ve been fascinated by sex and sexuality since I was very young, and I was lucky enough to have a mother who never discouraged my reading tastes. I was always a writer, but I ended up setting creative writing aside for a few years to focus on school. Still, I continued to read for pleasure, and the one thing my favorite books all had in common was an erotic element. Eventually I found my way back to writing, and when I sat down to write my first story, it was an erotic one. I may branch out into other genres, but erotica will always be my home.

What draws you to the blogs you follow?

I like to follow blogs that can teach me something new, as well as those that appeal to my interests, whether the focus is erotica, sexuality, publishing, film analysis, or cooking/food. I particularly enjoy when the “voice” of the blogger is conversational, and if they can inject humor into their writing, I’m hooked. Sometimes I’ll even follow a blogger whose topic doesn’t pertain to my own personal interests (like soapmaking, for example) simply because I enjoy having their voice in my head.

RWoe Author photo

What is your favourite type of adult toy?

It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Usually I prefer vibrators to penetrative toys, but sometimes you just need to feel stuffed. I bought myself a Pink Bob last year, and I have to say, it’s been a lot of fun testing out all the different speeds and pulsations.

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the adult item or film or book you’d take with you:

That’s a tough one. I think I would take my beloved copy of Enchanted by Nancy Madore, a collection of erotic short stories inspired by classic fairytales. Then again, if there are no power issues, I could just take my Kindle, which is chock full of so much delicious smutty goodness that I’d never get bored!

[Posy is … downloading this book right now!]


What’s your preference – naked or “dressed up” for sex? If dressed up, how so?

Naked. Definitely. I love the feel of skin on skin. Perhaps if I had more disposable income, I’d make shopping for lingerie a new favorite hobby!

Name a pivotal moment in your youth which may have set the path for your sex life:

When I was very young, maybe five or six, I was diagnosed with central precocious puberty, which meant my hormones were behaving as though I were a few years older. I’ve often wondered if this had something to do with my preoccupation with all things sexual from a young age. I thought about it constantly. I still think about it often, though now that I write about it professionally, I have an excuse!

I was lucky that my family had decent health insurance at the time, so I was able to seek treatment and prolong puberty enough that I could buy myself a few more inches in height (many people with precocious puberty barely make it to five feet), but I wish my parents had taken the psychological impacts more seriously. It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly why most of us turn out the way we do, but I find it hard to believe that having breasts at the age of seven wouldn’t have some effect on how I relate to myself and the world around me.

Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Vampires. I’ve always had a sweet spot for the dark, broody, mysterious creatures of the night. I think it’s fair to say I was a little obsessed with them in high school. My very first attempt at erotic fiction was a vampire story. One of these days I’ll have to sit down and try writing another one!

Sexting – love it or hate it?

Love it if the person I’m sexting is responsive and enthusiastic. There’s nothing more discouraging than taking the time to craft a titillating message and receiving a meh answer in response. If I wanted to do all the work myself, I’d write a story.

If you watch porn, do you have a preference for professional or amateur?

It depends on what sort of mood I’m in. If I want to watch a scene from beginning to end, I’ll go for professional. Probably something on Bellesa, where the porn is super high quality and sex positive. But sometimes I crave the DIY-style intimacy of an amateur video, when I want to feel like a fly on the wall. Both types have their place in the pornscape.

Nominate your favourite “adult” film or book:

Secretary. Hands down, one of the quirkiest erotic films ever made.

Before you go, please advise us 1 sex blog which we should add to our reading list:

If you’re not already following Bellesa’s resident Smut Queen, Jayne Renault, you absolutely should. (

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!

Thank YOU for having me, Posy!


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Rachel is just one of the writers to collaborated on an anthology Chemical [Sex] V2 : Just One More which I am dying to read. It can be purchased from Amazon via this link, and soon it will be available from other distributors,

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  1. Great interview Posy – I learned lots about Rachel although I was already a fan of her writing – and I have to say she is sooo pretty! x

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