Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Rover car from 1970s

Outdoor Sex :This could’ve been my specialist subject in my youth!

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Living at home did not lend itself to privacy, but with my libido banging a big bass drum in my ears, my boyfriend and I used to have sex in his car all the time.  The places would vary, stopping in laybys or down country tracks after we’d spent the night in the pub with friends. Our activities took place in the dark, we’d just remove the items of clothing necessary to get access.  

Sports Car is a fictional tale, heavily influenced by habits of my early twenties. Toy Story also features some back-seat action in broad daylight, testing our newly-purchased vibrator. We couldn’t wait to try it out, so the risk of discovery was high.


Try this story (written for KotW & Masturbation Monday) which weaves fact and fiction together but hopefully entertains! This week Masturbation Monday is sponsored by Hot Octopus.


Pippa felt excitement fizzing through her as Gary took the tight right turn and drove over the hump back bridge, which made her stomach swoop as always.  She knew it was crude, but her pussy had been tingling all night in anticipation of this moment. A few times during the evening, standing around a table strewn with dirty glasses while music pumped from the DJ’s stack of speakers, she thought Gary might guess her secret.

She’d teamed a short skirt, its ruffles of fabric in tiers, with a slash-neck top which slipped asymmetrically to show her bare shoulder. No bra strap. She never usually went without a bra, but this was part of her big surprise.  


When he’d put a hand on her waist as they stood at the bar ordering lager for him, Malibu and Coke for her, she wondered if he would detect the boning and stays. Underneath her cute outfit was something more serious, sexy and dark. Pippa wore a basque, tight and restrictive. It narrowed her waist and perked up her boobs, everything was cinched in or pushed up. It’s suspenders held her fishnet stockings snugly, contouring her thighs and calves right down to her stiletto shoes. A matching g-string, tiny as a pirate’s eye patch, cupped her mound and pulled taut between her buttocks.


Pippa pressed her thighs together excitedly as Gary parked up.  The dirt track ran parallel to a river so it was very peaceful when he turned off the ignition.  They both reclined their seats before leaning towards one another over the central console to lock lips. As their passion built, Gary reached across and began to claim her body, his hand inching up beneath her short, full skirt. Pippa shuddered with delight as his palm smoothed it’s way up her thigh, his fingers lingering around the top of her stocking. She loved revealing herself to him by increments and he was warm against her alabaster haunch.  Gary was encountering more bare skin than he’d expected, Pippa suppressed a giggle when his hand roamed round behind her, searching for the leg elastic of her knickers she assumed.


“What have we here?” Gary’s voice was a rumble, so close to her ear.  


He nibbled his way down her neck, and she felt the electric thrill of teeth making a shallow bite on the polished skin of her bare shoulder.


“Is this wicked wench without knickers?”


Pippa squirmed with delight that her surprise had hit it’s mark. Gary reached away from her to switch on the interior light.   He pushed her skirt up till it billowed round her waist, almost growling with excitement at the vision of fishnet, boned satin and lace he surveyed.


“When did you get this?” his voice held a note of awe.  “I must see it all.”


So he proceeded to help her unfasten and remove her skirt while she lifted the top over her head.  Pippa felt a surge of pride as Gary gazed at her with reverence, as if she was rare treasure. She lay there like a doll while he surveyed his prize. At first he simply stroked her thighs and traced the contours of her breasts which swelled out of their satin confines. The anticipation building within her caused a pulse to thump in her neck while gluey arousal dripped, coating her labia and moistening her thighs.


Gary pressed a kiss onto the tiny triangle of lace, before pushing his tongue against it to part her lips and suck at her clit through the filmy fabric. Pippa groaned with animal lust, bearing down and spreading her legs wider to coax him in.  As Gary licked, sucked and nipped, she grew heady with passion, oblivious when he pulled the thong aside to lick deeper and suck harder. Instead she wordlessly encouraged him with fingers twined in his hair and thighs thrown over his shoulders.


Gary sank to a kneeling position in the footwell, hooking his strong arms under her legs to tilt her pelvis. Pippa was mewling incoherently now. Her head thrashed from side to side as she gnawed on her lip, all desire focused in the region of her pussy.


“Shit Gary, don’t stop!” her gasps were as frantic as her fingers, which now clawed at the upholstery.


The silence was filled with the hungry squelch of her juicy pussy as he pleasured her. She punctuated it with moans and sighs of delight which she couldn’t help escaping.


“Yes, oh yesss!” Pippa ground her pudenda against his face as her climax built, swelling and voracious in its intensity.  She needed him inside her, but didn’t want the pleasure she was feeling to stop.


“Yes! More!” she gasped.


His thrusting fingers continued their bawdy assault, increasing from two to three as his mouth latched onto her clit. Gary grazed and nuzzled at her sensitive nub til Pippa felt flashes of white-hot lust radiating out from her core. She thrust her hips up at his face, bucking reflexively as she came.


Her tight pussy walls clutched at his fingers, bouncing back from their penetration while starbursts flashed with elation behind the shutters of her eyelids. She rode the tide of her orgasm, its pulses and throbs held her in a heady embrace until they rocked gently her like waves lapping.


“C’mere stud.” She smiled dreamily down at Gary. She dragged him up for a deep passionate kiss, despite his face being smeared with her juices.


They lay together on the passenger seat. Aware that Gary’s excited manhood was pressing against the fishnet of her thigh, she stroked and teased it lazily through the confines of his denim jeans. Tonight the power was all hers, Pippa realised. He still wore that starstruck expression as he surveyed her corset. She was wrapped like an expensive gift, almost too pretty to unwrap.


Suddenly headlights approached, bouncing erratically over the uneven grass track, stopping when they drew level with the front of Gary’s car.


“Shit!” Gary exclaimed, throwing her clothes at her.  “Get dressed.”

“Is this legal?” Pippa squeaked, dragging the skirt up her thighs.


A man with a flashlight rapped on the driver’s side window. Gary rolled it down and a policeman peered into the car.


“Evening. What are you guys up to?” He looked stern as he surveyed Gary’s dishevelled appearance and Pippa’s buxom attire.


“Just having some fun,” Gary shrugged uncertainly.


“I see.  Well could you pack up and move on.  We had a call from one of the houses further up the track.  They could see your car light and rang us to report suspicious activity.”


He looked from one young personp to the other, trying to supress the smile which threatened to quirk the corner of his mouth.  “They thought you were casing the joint.”

Pippa and Gary looked at him, none the wiser.  “Planning a robbery!” the officer explained.


On that bombshell he returned to his car. Gary rolled up the window and they watched the twin headlights make their reverse journey down the track then drive off. Presumably en route to the occupants of the big house where the policeman would explain that he’d just interrupted two students studying some practical biology.


You’ll notice that I used the title of a Meatloaf song for my story. I imagine the lyrics will strike a chord although they pan out rather differently than my story!

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9 thoughts on “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”

  1. Oh this sent me back to the heady days when I had sex in my boyfriends cars. Both Jim and Vic and my man had a van! I did find in the car that the power is often with her – as it was here – I think maybe it has something to do with the positions of the seats etc – ah memories! x

  2. Naughty Pippa and Gary, i think a lot of us can relate to having fun wherever we can find it, not knowing if we may be caught ☺. It’s good that they got off (from the policeman of course).

  3. Well this brought back some delicious memories of the back seat of my Vauxhall Viva. Fortunately we didn’t get interrupted too often ???

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  5. It’s been a long while since I did it in a car…. I wouldn’t say to revisiting it again at some point in the future though


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