White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

May the Fourth Be With You #SoSS

White Rabbit on grass #SoSS


Hello my Dark Darlings, another Saturday has rolled around and I want to celebrate shares themed around my mother today, as this would have been her birthday.  Happy, proud writing links are what this post will feature, because as long as I understood what made her tick it was writing, and reading and the threads of history that weave their way through our world.

I’ve written about how my mum was a role model for me, making me believe that writing was a viable career.  One of my favourite published writers is Nicci Haydon, with erotic fiction that’s spicy and beautifully crafted, plenty of tease and pace. She regularly name checks erotica by other authors with ‘Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over’. This serialised tale with a religious theme is a favourite of mine. Devil’s Fingers

I’ve shared two pieces from a novel my mother wrote called Enchanted Valley, the first part is here, and it continues here.  As it’s based around a legend, it was no surprise when Lascivious Lucy crafted this piece on the same legend. I am a major fan of Lucy’s work, not least because she writes on the themes I love, paranormal, other-worldly, historical … it’s quite a list! Try this tale of magick.

Whilst May Moore doesn’t always let her ‘motherly’ side show, she constantly looks out for me, advising how to improve my blog traffic, where to pitch writing or ways to inject more reality into my fiction.  May bares her soul when she writes, she zips up her boots and steps away from shit that’s happened in her life – lows won’t define her.

Strong serials can be found on Cara Thereon‘s site, this story in particular gives me chills like Silence of the Lambs.

Kisingura didn’t set out to write a serial, but thankfully she bowed to the power of her readership and has given us more on her sex craven virus series, but you’ll surely want to read the first parts too.

The strength and diversity of writing you’ll find on Eve Ray‘s site is impressive.  I’ve picked a fun example, because I adore her sense of humour. Her take on the D/s dynamic is equally exciting, why not browse around?

It seems to me that SoSS isn’t only about sharing, it’s about encouraging too. I am a newcomer to Deviant Daeva’s site, but already I adore her accounts of Puppet’s interactions with her Master. Discover for yourself how time alone can lead to misbehaving. 


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  1. Wow thank you for the lovely words Posy – made me blush – just a bit x
    Happy birthday to your Mum – she sounds like she was quite a lady

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