Drawing of a laced corset

A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Theatre

Drawing of a laced corset

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Marie’s prompt this week is to elaborate on something we’ve written or tweeted previously. I used to curate a book blog before I began writing erotica.  It’s no secret that I love to read and discuss books so it seemed a great way to turn my passion into a blog.

Sometimes I would also write about a film or a show I had watched. When I got to see The Rocky Horror Show it was touring the UK for its 40th anniversary (this was the year before they had their first female playing the lead of Frank N Furter). On my ‘vanilla’ blog I waxed lyrical about how great the show was. OH and I had a wonderful time, we were very impressed by the production.


Here’s my elaboration just for you …

I’d told Husby we were going the whole nine yards by dressing up to watch The Rocky Horror Show. To please me, he wore black running tights with a black T-shirt, sunglasses and a bow tie. As he has a shaved head he easily passed for one of the weirdos that dance the time warp.


If you’ve seen my pictures (on Sinful Sunday and Lingerie is for Everyone memes), you won’t be surprised when I tell you I dressed full on burlesque! I chose a fuchsia satin basque, fishnet tights worn under black dance knickers with black shoe boots.  At the last minute I got chicken that my outfit was too revealing, so put black shorts on over the the knickers & finally a long black single breasted jacket.


Driving to Cambridge (where the musical was showing) the early evening sun streamed in through the windscreen, warming the car, so I shrugged off my jacket.  We had to stop at a zebra crossing and I think I made a pedestrian’s day when he caught an eyeful of the ‘kittens in a basket’ effect my corset had on my boobs!

Quirky thing about my OH: he hates to be late and he always thinks car parks will be full.  So, long story short, he parked on the outer edge of Cambridge city and insisted we walked in.  I was pretty huffy about this; it was a route march, I was wearing 3” heels , the pavements are crappy and uneven and I was dressed in an overtly trashy way while it was still broad daylight!  

To deal with my feelings of mortification, I kept telling myself it would all be worth it when we got to the Corn Exchange where the Rocky Horror Show was playing, and of course it was. The cast was epic, particularly the sexy, athletic lead of Dr Frank N Furter. The dancing and singing was flawless and as camp as you would want it to be.  

It was a shame our seats weren’t in the stalls, because down there everyone was in costume, standing and singing along.  Our seats were on the balcony. Up there everyone was well behaved, we were in the minority wearing over the top outfits. The audience heckled a bit, but the narrator tackled it with aplomb. His current, witty quips had everyone eating out of his hand.

Many of you are aware that I love the look of men who wear women’s underwear with pride. My friend May Moore and I first bonded over a story I wrote, loosely based around Red Riding Hood. We’ve promised to take the opportunity to watch The Rocky Horror Show together one day, maybe it should be a sex bloggers’ outing.  I can’t imagine we’ll miss the opportunity to dress up!


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8 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Theatre”

  1. Oooooh now you’re talking… a sex bloggers’ outing. Now that sounds like a good thing! I had to giggle at the bit of your OH parking so far away and making you walk, but am so happy to read the show has been great!

    Rebel xox

  2. Oh that would be great Posy – I have been and dressed up and danced during a production. Loved it all. Have u seen Priscella Queen of the Dessert at the theatre? That is so much fun too x

  3. Loved this post – and am a teeny bit envious as we were dressed perfectly normally when we went! If you haven’t seen Waitress yet you may not know quite what a sexy show that is – a dark story but some serious kinkiness – had to work hard not to show how exciting it was as wife and the next generation were sitting on either side – might be an option for your outing!

    1. Wow Mike – that is a great tip. I need to get myself tickets for that and Priscilla Q ot D which May suggests. Thank you xx

      1. Always conscious that we all define kinks in our own way (and trying not to create a spoiler) but you’ll never think about Obstetricians in the same way again after you see that show!

    1. I confess to being non-plussed when I watched it 1st time, but after a couple more watches I was totally hooked! Give the film a whirl. If I can remember the code from the phone I had at the time, I’ll download a picture! Thank you though xx

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